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The Best Home Gym Rowing Machine Under $500

Who said rowing cannot help tone your body or make you fit? It may sound impossible but the reality is, it can be done. Indoor rowing machines have been in existence from time immemorial and thousands of fitness enthusiasts have been benefiting from them in one way or the other. You too can use them to transform your body structure.

These home gym rowing machines have been transformed over a long period of time and now they come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, they are sleek and highly-refined pieces of workout equipment ready to help you shed a few kilos in order to stay healthy all the time.

Having a rowing machine within your house is quite something. This can really be a perfect home exercise equipment that will get your muscles into action although in a challenging but comfortable way. Generally, rowing machines are designed to provide you with an outstanding way to burn calories as well as build muscles in a safe and low-impact way.

Having a rower machine in your house will deny you that excuse of not working out. Even if you experience problems with managing your time you can never fail to spare a little of it at home to exercise. Also, having a rower within reach can save you the agony of working out with strangers in the gym. This is one of the problems that affect many people at the gym and you might be one of them.

In the real sense, it could be intimidating watching pro level individuals pull stunts that you cannot even attempt with your little experience at the gym. It is like a trend whereby more and more people are gradually getting fit right in their homes away from crowded gyms. After all, the outcome of your workout is all the same if you do it right.

On the other hand, there are many benefits of working out in the comfort of your home. For instance, you can choose the right moment to do your exercise, use your own facilities, workout at your own speed and take as much rest in between your exercise as you possibly can without someone dictating to you what you should do. Most importantly, you are your own boss and there is no one to compete with. All these benefits can be derived from using a rowing machine among other work out equipment in your home.

However, if you are still undecided on which rowing machine to settle for, learn more on different brands of rowing machines in this discussion. Just know that there are certainly hundreds of machines out there to make your workout something to rejoice. Various home machines have been in use for quite some time now and they have evolved in their design, ability, construction, durability, price and efficiency.

Here, we are going to look at the best rowing machines you can comfortably use in your home. The machines are in plenty on the market today but choosing the right one is the real issue. If that is your current predicament, just know from the following review, you will have an easy time choosing your perfect rowing machine at a friendly budget.

These exercise equipment are made to fit perfectly within smaller spaces and a handful of them are collapsible to facilitate easy storage. Before you set out to look for your ideal home gym rowing machines, there are a few factors that will guide you on buying the right exercise equipment. Let’s find out more about the buying guide to your best budget rowing machines for use at home.

Buying Guide For Rowing Machines

The price is the first factor to consider but there are even more important ones. These factors will definitely help you in determining what to look for in a machine before settling the payment. So, what will you look for in the first place?

The Control Panel

When choosing your home gym rowing machine, you should never go below the state of the art performance when it comes to the control panel. This is one part you should always assess before making your final decision. The control panel is like the central command of your machine because it will display every detail pertaining to your workout. That basic data is very crucial and it should include the total number of rowing strokes made, the workout duration and the distance covered during the rowing exercise.

A Sturdy Built

Remember the rowing machine is a platform with which you will be exerting some pressure while flexing your muscles. If you choose a weak machine then be ready to replace it immediately when it breaks.

Obviously, that is not your wish and to avoid such incidents from occurring, it is important that you consider the robustness of your machine prior to taking it home with you. Another advantage of picking a sturdy build machine is that it will last you about 3 to 5 years or even more. Check the materials used in its construction and find out as much information as you can about the equipment you are about to spend your money on.


Any exercise that poses some levels of discomfort should be discarded at all costs. Ensure that your rower is comfortable and reliable to make you enjoy your workout routine while striving to achieve your fitness goals. Look at the seat and handles and study the materials used in their constructions. Make sure those two parts of your rower are in good shape, state and secure to guarantee you that comfort you will need during your workout at home. Take a while to test the seat and the handle and if you get a more normal, smoother feel then that is the right machine for you.

The Types of Resistance and Levels

For any rowing machine under $500, you will find out that there is a hydraulic-piston resistance installed on it. But there are a handful of air and magnetic resistance rowing machines on the market today. Each of the three types of resistance systems comes with their advantages and disadvantages but it is upon you to check out which one works perfectly for you. The type of resistance system of your choice should not have any technical hitches. The functioning of the machine should be smooth throughout. Above, the rower itself needs to be a low maintenance one.

Use Capacity

Choosing a rowing machine for you is not just enough. You need to consider its user capacity so it may accommodate different people and a wider range of heights and weights.

Assembly and Storage Options

Mostly, rowing machines come with a wide base for stability. In case you find one which is foldable then that is an added advantage to you. In fact, a foldable rower will be easier to store and of course, it will occupy very little space. Similarly, you may consider going for a machine that is easy to assemble in order to save you time and other unnecessary complications. It is a good idea to go for one which requires a minimum amount of time to assemble and less storage space.

Warranty and Dimensions

Choose a machine that has an extended warranty period. Doing so will give you some peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered for a certain period of time. Take your time and check every single part on the machine so that you may assess the condition of the parts with which you are likely to claim the warranty in the future in case of anything.

Besides, you may also consider checking the machine’s dimensions in relation to the space where you will be intending to have it installed. This is a very important factor given that the space where your machine will sit is also the same spot for your workout.

These are some of the critical points to note down when shopping for your rowing machine. Even though they are there for the purpose of helping you keep fit and healthy, an addition of a rowing machine to your home is such an excellent idea and quite beneficial in the long run. Keep in mind that, this is a machine that will serve everyone in your home in equal measures hence the need to settle for the best among hundreds of models you will come across on the market. Learn more about the best budget rowing machines under $500 in the following review:

Reviews of The Best Rowing Machines Under $500

1. Sunny Health and Fitness Water-Rowing Machine-Rower w/LCD Monitor Obsidian-SF-RW 5713

Are you a fitness freak in need of a top quality rowing machine for an effective workout? If your answer is yes then your choice of a machine should be the Obsidian SF-RW5713 Water-Rower. This is the most ideal machine that you can rely on and trust that it will take your workout to the next level.

The machine is designed to give you an engaging and very challenging workout that will give you positive results faster than you can possibly imagine. In fact, the Obsidian SF-RW5713 Water-Rower will make 85 percent of your muscles to experience a stirring workout with no impact on the joint system. Actually, the machine is a good choice for conventional cardio exercises. This means can you get maximum results in just a few moments of your workout.

The Obsidian SF-RW5713 Water-Rower uses a water resistance system made entirely of a long-lasting polycarbonate material. When using the water tank and the resistance system, you are advised to fill the water, not above the 6th level. This system will help when pulling the handle in a bid to create the resistance necessary for an effective work out. In the process, you will gain a dynamic response similar to what you would experience when rowing a boat.

The water tank on this machine has an impeller which is designed using stainless steel material and it comes complete with three blades for maximum resistance. In order for you to adjust the resistance levels on the machine, you will have to manually increase or lower the water levels to create variations in the resistance.

When it comes to the whole structure, you will find that it is entirely made from stainless steel and the main body is light in weight for easy relocation. In addition to that, the wheels at the front part of the machine will help you in moving it from one spot to the other.

For a firm grip, you will find two rubber pads with two adjustable stabilizers located at the rear side of the machine to be quite helpful. The seat on the machine is made from high-quality materials to guarantee you maximum comfort during your rowing sessions. Additionally, the ball bearing right beneath the seat makes the back and forth movements smoother while keeping the machine in good condition in the course of your exercising.

To minimize cases of stress and the need to have freedom of movement to your legs and ankles, there are footrests with a pivoting design to help achieve this feat. For safety reasons, you may protect your hands from getting blisters while keeping them in a comfort zone thanks to the state of the art pulling handle complete with a rubberized grip. Also, there is the abrasion resistant mesh belt that is attached to the handle with the purpose of reducing tension and stress. This is really a good machine to use in your home and it can help you achieve that adorable physique in an easy way possible.

Pros and Cons


  • The machine has a padded seat and contoured for comfortability
  • Double workout modes
  • A completely silent machine
  • It comes with purification tablets in the packaging
  • The machine is stored without removing its water tank
  • It is robust with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • There are batteries for the console
  • Portable
  • It can be assembled easily
  • The console displays necessary statistics


  • It does not come with the HR chest strap
  • Backlight not included
  • It does not have any sensors for commercial use

2. Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1405

There is no other home gym rowing machine under $500 that can give you a uniform motion with a fan flywheel like the stylish Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1405. To begin with, the resistance on this machine is great and it depends entirely on how harder you pull when working out. This feature makes this machine to be a perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve the best results when exercising at home.

Even though the machine has the best features and superior design, it is actually regarded as a viable option for a home gym machine that is easy pocket-friendly and very effective. This is one way of saying that Stamina ATS Air-Rower is among the best budget rowing machines that you can find on the market today.

With its steel frame and a moveable seat, this rower gives you a good opportunity of enjoying your rowing exercise for a very long period. The seat moves comfortably on metal bearings giving you that smooth slide and a perfect back and forth movement while rowing the machine to tone your body.

Its gigantic size and a user capacity of about 250 pounds should give you some confidence that this is a sturdy machine to handle a wider range of weights and different users. In other words, using this rowing machine when working out will definitely give you smoother rowing with very minimal impact as well as the high strengthening of the muscles.

The monitor on Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1405 has a user-friendly display of all crucial data that makes your workout perfect and effective. The monitor displays your rowing speed, distance covered, the time taken and the number of calories burned in the course of your workout. All these operations are made with just a single multi-purpose monitor making it be a user-friendly feature for different people. You do not have to be a professional for you to use this machine. Despite it not having the cutting-edge technology you would expect, the monitor serves the function of displaying only the essential data for your exercise. So far, most of the users are comfortable with it because it helps them track their workout progress.

For the resistance, Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1405 uses air resistance system. The system operates by simply pulling the handle on the machine to propel the flywheel into action. Therefore, you can attain maximum resistance by rowing faster and faster depending on your ability.

However, there is one area you should not overlook when choosing Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1405. This is its design and quality, the two most important factors that determine its durability and strength. The machine comes in handy with a strong built that is combined with an oversized and fashionable chrome seat rail with a chain for maximum strength. The fact that the chain is used in this machine, you should be smiling considering that this feature is budget friendly and a plus point for the machine.

Pros and Cons


  • The machine is fully equipped with large footplates
  • It is foldable hence it saves space
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comes with a padded seat for comfortability
  • It is a high profile machine


  • It does not have the pivoting footplates
  • The machine lacks a heart rate monitor
  • No exercise programs

3. Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1399

When you think of acquiring a high-quality home gym rowing machine that is within your budget, then the Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1399 should be your ultimate choice. This is one of the best rowers in its league and you should have valid reasons to miss it out in your budget. With its wind-resistance system and regular motion, nothing should stand on your way to achieving that wonderful physique you’ve always dreamed of.

The basic console on the machine is just perfect enough to get you the necessary statistics for tracking down every effort you make when rowing in the comfort of your home. Additionally, its footpads are skillfully designed to give you that comfort that will motivate you to work out even more in order to attain timeless results. When combined with the adjustable straps, you can be sure of rowing your machine without worrying much about your safety and the functioning of the machine itself. And the other reason you should consider when acquiring Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1399 anytime soon is its ability to take up very little space in your house.

In essence, this is a rowing machine that will define accurately what efficiency is and comfort in a single rowing machine under $500. Due to the fact that it is an efficient and comfortable machine, you can say goodbye to the pain and discomfort associated with the intensive work out on most of the exercise equipment. This is made possible with the inclusion of a padded and upholstered seat that enables you to perform your rowing exercise effortlessly.

Still on the efficiency, the Stamina ATS Air-Rower provides with the right platform to work on your upper and lower body helping you burn some calories while building muscles to transform your physique. This means the faster you row the more you get some challenges aimed at speeding up the entire body transformation process. But you may adjust the resistance levels to suit your workout needs.

The machine’s large footpads are creatively textured and smoothened to let you place your feet with minimum effort. The large and textured footpads will prevent any slippage from occurring and interrupting your sequential workout by firmly holding onto your feet without any signs of wobbling around. Apart from that, the machine has a compact shape for easy storage. This is attributed to the fact that Stamina ATS Air-Rower 1399 has a light build with durable materials for your money.

However, you cannot overlook the idea of air-resistance which is the core principle of your workout sessions on this machine. This is the best system you can think of in an ideal home gym rowing machine under $500. The air-resistance in this regard increases intensity in order to give you real timeless and effective results as a reward to your effort in a bid to stay fit and healthy.

Pros and Cons


  • The machine has a great resistance mechanism
  • It is long lasting
  • The compact size makes it easy to store
  • It comes with an upholstered seat


  • Its monitor is not calibrated in metrics
  • The damper on the machine cannot be adjusted
  • It is somehow noisy

4. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5634-Magnetic Rowing Machine-Rower

For your fitness goals, you need to look upon Sunny SF-RW5634 magnetic rowing machine. This is your companion for a perfect workout right in your home away from ever competitive and crowded gyms. With this machine, your first target will be to acquire full body workout that is tailored towards benefiting your upper and lower body.

To achieve the desired results, you can take full advantage of the 8 levels magnetic tension included in the machine to help you upgrade your workout to the next level. The 8 levels magnetic tension will also give you an option of choosing the best level on the machine to suit your exercising needs.

The machine features the latest digital monitor that will display all the important statistics while assisting you in tracking your workout progress. In the real sense, the monitor will act as your ultimate guide to the highest ever achievement in rowing.

The fact that the machine is foldable, this feature should be reason enough to make you smile all the way to the market to have it before it slips out of your grip. The foldable design will help you have an easy time with storing your machine in a small space. In addition, the wheels on the machine will make your work easier when it comes to moving it from one place to the other.

Given that this is a magnetic rowing machine that statement is proof enough to let you know the type of resistance you should expect from Sunny SF-RW5634. Clearly, the magnetic resistance system will help you have smoother and quieter rowing during your workout sessions. In the process, you will not disturb the peace of those near you in your home.

For you to utilize this feature fully, you will have to use the knob on the machine to help you tune down the resistance level. All you will have to do is to twist it to enable the magnet to move either away or towards the metal flywheel. In this case, your resistance will be determined by the distance between the metal flywheel and the magnet. This distance will greatly influence the outcome of your workout given that it has a variable resistance and this feature is only found in this rower.

The sturdy built of the machine tells that you will enjoy a smooth and steady work out without compromising your safety. No wonder this machine has a robust frame to keep it firm on the ground and help support your weight at the same time. On top of that, the rollers, rowing handle, seat and all other parts are crafted from high-quality materials for a secure and fulfilling workout. And when assembling it, the structure of the machine will enable you to take not more than 30 minutes before you get down to a serious workout session.

Pros and Cons


  • Eight resistance levels
  • There are no quality problems with the machine
  • It gives a quiet, smooth and steady workout
  • It is foldable to facilitate its storage


  • The 220 lbs. weight capacity limits a wide range of users
  • The monitor needs a little improvement
  • A shorter warranty period

5. Marcy Foldable Turbine-Rowing Machine-Rower

With a hybrid resistance system, Marcy Foldable comes out as the latest addition to the ever-growing number of rowing machines on the market. This means the machine is capable of offering both magnetic and air resistance systems for more natural motion and a challenging workout. The machine is perfect for intense rowing exercises for every fitness enthusiasts and it is a good addition to your home gym.

Just like most of the other rowing machines, Marcy Foldable has a robust steel frame that can withstand the weight not exceeding 300 lbs. But the main beam is made of high-quality aluminum material with its base designed from the steel tubing. Besides all these features, there are a number of stabilizers and smaller wheels that will enable you to move the machine around with less effort. The seat on the machine is wider, padded for comfort and ergonomic to keep your back strong throughout the exercise.

For you to achieve the resistance on this rowing machine, you will have to make use of the lever located in the middle part of the frame to help you in adjusting the resistance. This is made possible due to the presence of the 8 resistance levels on the machine. The rowing machine is a piece of ideal exercise equipment for your cardio workout and the development of multiple muscles.

The most significant aspect of this machine is that it comes when it is fully assembled and sealed to save you the time needed in putting all pieces together. However, there are a few pieces on the machine that you will need to add on this rower with the help of the clearly elaborated instructions. For the routine maintenance of the machine, you will only need to wipe the parts and then dry them with a dry cloth. Otherwise, this is a good rowing machine that you need to have it placed somewhere in your house.

Pros and Cons


  • The machine has a comfortable and wider seat
  • Several resistance levels (up to 8 resistance levels)
  • Hybrid resistance system
  • A sturdy built
  • Little maintenance


  • Absence of the backlight on the LED display
  • The footpads cannot be adjusted to a particular angle

Final Verdict

Your home gym will not be complete without including a rowing machine. This type of exercise equipment comes with all the important benefits that you cannot get from any other machines, such as a treadmill or an exercise bike. Therefore, use the factors highlighted in this review and get your perfect machine as soon as possible.

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