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How Small Can a Home Gym Be?

You can make a gym even in the smallest home. Careful planning is required to utilize all the space of your tiny apartment. In addition, you need to buy the right equipment to support your workouts in your small home gym.

But really, how small can a home gym be? I′m using a half rack, a barbell and weight plates in my 625 sq ft two bedroom apartment. The gym portion takes up half my living room. A home gym can be as small as you would like it to be or have room for.

A compact gym can be the best choice for all those who want to practice workouts at their home. In fact, some new pieces of equipment are coming up with a little footprint to support a wide range of exercises. You can use them to tone almost all parts of your body. The benefit is that you will not have to spend on a gym membership. Also, it will save traveling time.

The home gym equipment for tiny spaces comes with some unique systems to enable you to adjust to your fitness level and functions. These are designed for convenient storage as well. You can purchase different types of strength-training tools that include kettlebells, resistant tubes, and dumbbells.

For tiny spaces, yoga will be the best choice. It will bring flexibility and will help to build mental strength. You do not need to buy a lot of equipment to practice yoga. A yoga mat can be your best companion to practice any yoga comfortably.

How to Make Home Gym in Small Homes

You will have to act smart while planning for a small home gym. We will start with Dos and Don’ts and then we will focus on home gym equipment for tiny spaces.


• You should buy compact fitness equipment that will take very little space. You can install them easily in the corner of a room. Yes, you can also install them along with the wall when the size supports it.

• Store your adjustable dumbbells under your bed. It will not demand more space and will also offer easy access.

• You need to be worried about the noise and floor damage. Carpets can prevent floor damage or noise. However, carpets will cause problems for movements and will absorb the sweat as well.

• Consider purchasing adjustable soft kettlebells and adjustable dumbbells. You can use these tools for different weight combinations.

• Buy Sans Bang Training weights for easy storage.

• Get the cardio equipment from the best selections of the kettlebell exercises while adding short battle ropes.

• You can also get cardio equipment that can be stored vertically to occupy less space.

• A stationary bike or treadmill will be a good addition if your tiny home space allows it.

• Get a TRX to support your suspension training.


• Avoid stacking your exercise tools in a small rack. If you hide everything, you might not be super excited to practice your workouts. Store them in a convenient and small space but make sure that these are easily accessible.

• Avoid buying any equipment that is not suitable for your floor type. If you have nice wood floors, then some equipment might damage the floor. In that condition, you can consider buying soft free weights. These are safe and quiet and will not cause any noise when dropped.

• Avoid picking the equipment that demands more space for storage such as a battle rope. A battle rope can work best for your abs, upper body, and core. However, it demands more space for storage and it will not be an ideal option for a compact home gym. If it is a must to have equipment for your home gym, then consider buying heavy battle ropes. These are small in size and can be a good choice for your small home gym.

Prepare Your Home for Gym

When you have restricted space, you will have to be very careful while choosing your gym essentials. You need to pick the right equipment to ensure easy storage as well as to support your workouts. Combine your necessities and available space and then decide the right equipment. Also, look at the storage options, safety factors, variety, and certainly your floor types. You will need varieties to keep your workout regime different and more inspiring.

Set up the exercise HQ by using a whiteboard and arrange a place to keep workout routines. The system will help you to check your daily progress especially when you are trying to achieve your fitness goal.

For the storage, you can consider open shelves. This storage option will enable you to use your walls for storage. It will also prevent clutter over your floor. A vertical storage option can be great to store your yoga supplies, towels, or even your sound system.

Gym Equipment for a Compact Home

• You can buy cardio equipment if you love to practice cardio while enjoying your TV. It will be a great addition to your small home gym.

• With the limited space, you can consider buying foldable treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowers. These are great workout tools and can be moved easily as well. For tips on what treadmill to get, please se my guide to the best home gym treadmill under $500.

• A yoga mat to practice stretches and a lot of other exercises that can offer both physical and mental benefits.

• You can consider buying some other workout accessories that include a pull-up bar, resistant bands, and stability balls. You can easily store all these accessories in your closet. These small tools will not demand much space.

Dumbbells will be certainly a great addition. Now you will find different types of dumbbells. Some of them are super adjustable, well-designed, and space-saving as well.

• If you want to work on your core, you can consider buying a suspension trainer. This is best to help you to work on your core while trying a different range of movements. Also, it will not demand much space for storage.

• A punching bag will also be a good addition. You will find it worth spending since it can be accommodated even in the most restricted space. Another benefit is that it will help to release your stress. Yes, you will enjoy the high-intensity workouts with a punching bag.

• If your budget supports, you can also purchase gymnastic rings and climbing walls and nets.


As stated earlier, you can make your home gym even in the smallest possible space. The key to success is the right equipment and ideal storage options.

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