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How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

It’s great when you have everything at home to keep you fit. But what may the fun cost?

So how much does a home gym generally cost? If you have a budget of around $1000-$3000, you´ll probably find good equipment that fit your needs. You can even setup a decent gym at home for less than $1000.

However, the definition of the cost of a exercise equipment requires taking into account a multitude of parameters. This difficulty is exacerbated today by the evolution of the costs of building materials, especially steel and aluminum. The definition is often difficult to understand: are the costs expressed before taxes or all taxes included?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home Gym?

If you want to exercise and the gym is far away or you do not want to pay a monthly fee, your option is to set up your own gym at home. Here I tell you how much it costs and what you have to take into account.

The tendency to set up a gym in your own home has more and more followers. You can have a large place like a garage, a room or a terrace and, of course, have an unwavering willpower not to give in to the temptation of the sofa and the fridge.

In addition to that, clearly, you must also be aware of the limit on your budget.

What Do You Need?

The first thing you need to take into account is what you want to achieve with exercise (muscular, slimming, toning, etc.), because the machines and accessories you are going to buy will depend on it.

For that, according to Diego Londoño, Commercial Manager of Fitness Market, you have to get advice first from a doctor and then from a professional in a gym, and not go “crazy” to buy appliances without knowing.

Based on these consultations, you’ll know which appliances to buy and which not, keeping in mind both your possible physical problems or limitations as well as your training goals.


I will expose three options, with approximate prices in the basic versions, for people who do not want to spend a lot of money. The intermediate ones, for people who need more training and finally, the version I will call “Premium”, for those who want advanced machines and do not have a problem with the wallet.

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Exercise or Spinning Bicycle: There are them with magnetic resistance system and with silent pedaling system. Many have a display showing speed, time, revolutions, distance and calories burned.
    Basic Version. From $530 to $980
    Intermediate Version: $1,100 up to $2,000
    Premium Version: $4,300 to $7,300
  • Treadmill: It is convenient to have a screen that indicates the distance traveled, calories, incline level, speed, time and heart rate.
    Basic Version. From $840 to $1,280
    Intermediate Version: $1,600 up to $3,000
    Premium Version: $7,200.000 up to $9,000
  • Elliptical: Some also come with an option for rowing. Note: if your primary aim is to get some rowing done, I recommend you instead check out my article on the best home gym rowing machines under $500.
    Basic version. From $280 to $540
    Intermediate Version: $1,160 up to $2,500
    Premium Version: $7,500 up to $12,350

Muscle Building and Toning

  • Benches to exercise chest and arms and a multigymnasium: for dorsal, biceps and triceps.
    Basic version. From $300 to $640
    Intermediate Version: $730 up to $1,600
    Premium Version: $1,900 up to $3,200
  • Dumbbells and Individual Weights: Price varies by weight and material. They are sold individually at an average price of $15,000 per unit. There are also kits that bring several dumbbells of different weights from $130 to $450.
  • Mattress: from $30 to $65
  • Pilates ball: from $25 to $60
  • Loop: from $15 to $30
  • Step Aerobics Bench: from $ 70 to $ 230

The Novelty

The current furor of the domestic gyms are the vibratory platforms, that allow to realize routines of exercises to tone the muscles with short sessions.

  • Basic Version: 400
  • Intermediate Version: 600
  • Premium version: from $5,500 to $20,000


If perhaps the space is not enough or your budget is not too high, you should read my article on setting up a home gym in a small space. I have lots of personal experience in this field, after recently setting up my home gym equipment in an apartment for the second time.

Where to Locate Your Gym at Home?

Although it is not essential to have a specific room to locate your particular gym, it is advisable to decide where you will locate your small fitness center, before starting to assemble it. Fact is that you probably could place your home gym upstairs on the second floor even, if you’d like to. But before making this important decision, keep the following in mind:

Is There Carpet in the Place Where You are Thinking?

A carpet can easily be stained with oil, as well as spoiling quickly with sweat. So think carefully before choosing, and decide for some space with hard floor, in which you only have to add a mat or mat to support your machine or perform your exercises.

Is the Roof Low?

In case you want to perform an exercise routine that includes jumping or lifting objects, you should have a space whose roof is at least half a meter higher when your arms are fully extended. In this way you will avoid unpleasant moments.

Does the Room Have Good Ventilation?

If your objective is to carry out intensive and high-performance cardio workouts, a hot room or one with a tendency to generate humidity will complicate you considerably, since exercising in these conditions is difficult and uncomfortable.

Is the Room Well Insulated?

If you have babies or small children and your idea is to do your training sessions in the evening, it could be difficult for you to watch TV, listen to music or make noise with the weights you lift or the machines you move, if your gym is next to the children’s rooms. It can even be annoying for your husband or wife.

Recommendations to Equip Your Gym at Home

While a multi-gym is certainly a convenient option, there are cheaper, simpler and more economical ways, in terms of space, to create an exercise environment in your home. Here you will find some essential tools that I advise you to keep in mind, and all of them can be acquired for less than 300 dollars:

Elastic Bands

Although having an elastic band with grab handles on the ends is very good, having several of these bands with different levels of resistance can offer you a greater variety of exercises to stretch, push and turn. To get stronger hips and buttocks, in addition to burning an extra calorie, you can put one of these elastic bands around your feet and walk around the house and do household chores with these on. A variant of these gums that I recommend especially are the gym stick, formed by two rubber bands connected to a flexible aluminum bar.

Free Weights

A set of dumbbells or a light bar is enough if you are starting. But if you already have a more advanced level, you may want weights from other dimensions. A very useful piece that helps to save space is the adjustable dumbbells, which allow changing the weights from 2 to 25 kg.

Also, feel free to see my guide to the best home gym weight set.


These are the huge balls with which you can do crunches, squats, etc., or you can even make an inflatable and mobile chair for your desk. And as an extra you get as a result an excellent pumping training thanks to that it is filled with air.


Personally I prefer standard yoga mats, but if you prefer, you can also choose a thicker one and feel like “The Princess and the Pea” of the exercises.

Foam Roller

These rollers are ideal for heating or cooling muscle massages, as well as for use as a point of balance or support to make variations of crunches, push-ups and other exercises.

Cardio Equipment

This is where you may need to start investing a little more money. Even though with a simple and inexpensive jump rope you can quickly burn some calories, at this point it is interesting to consider the possibility of acquiring an elliptical, a treadmill or an exercise bike.

Benefits of Having a Home Gym

Some people choose to set up their own gym because they feel intimidated by the tough guys in the neighborhood gym, stronger and more fib rated. Others, for not having to feel under the same pressure to which many train. But the truth is that the real benefits of having your own gym at home are others.

Make the most of your time. No more waiting forever until the bench press is vacated. No more waste of time between coming and going from the gym to home. And without talking about the waste of time looking for where to park the car.

Reduce in expenses. No more paying a monthly fee at the neighborhood gym. In just under 2 years your investment in the domestic gym will be more than profitable. And in less time still other members of your family will also use the gym you are riding. In addition, gym equipment does not lose value in the market, so you can sell your machines on eBay if you stop using them.

Advice When Installing the Gym at Home

When setting up a gym at home you have to take into account other factors as well. The floor of the home gym must be pampered, especially if you do not want the neighbors or other inhabitants of the house to be bothered by our noises, jumps, etc. Therefore, it is ideal to allocate a part of the budget to cover the room. Also, if in the future you use that room for another use, it will be as good as new.

Some affordable and effective coatings are foam or rubber, which will protect the surface from bumps and falls, while acoustically insulating or hiding vibrations. The weight that you load to the structure of the rooms also has to be taken into account, since the punching bags can give some problem in this sense.

When installing them on the roof, you must take into account the weight that holds this or the hook on which it is installed. Another option would be to have standing or wall sacks. In any case, there must be enough space around him to hit him in any path.

Finishing Thoughts on How Much a Home Gym Costs

If you have a high budget and you are a fan of technology, take the opportunity to acquire a device with which exercising will become an effort of another level. These can also be acquired time after buying the most basic, when you already have a settled work routine.

Remember that there are other exercises that do not need so much space or technological innovations, such as push-ups, bridges, strides or squats. And the mirrors are optional: place them only if you need to check that you are doing an exercise well. Combining machines and these practices, you have the perfect gym without leaving home.

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