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9 Superb Home Gym Workout Routines With Pictures

It might be the fact that you want to slim down, but do not like to visit the gym in any case. In fact, there are many advantages of exercising in the privacy of your own abode. Here, you need not encounter any type of chaos or crowd, and you likewise feel more motivated plus encouraged. Moreover, if you happen to be a busy person it will be very difficult to devote adequate time to go all the way to the fitness center. Below, we have mentioned some essential home gym workout routines that you ought to follow out there.

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is effective when it comes to shedding unwanted weight. It is a fantastic solution for those folks who lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have sufficient time at their disposal. You can perform these workouts anywhere and this workout will help to accelerate your metabolic process as well. These are likewise essential for enhancing your cardiac health apart from shedding pounds.

In case you do have the proper equipment, HIIT will be the appropriate workout routine for you. For best outcomes, this workout should consist of cardio activities in 30-seconds intervals. Make it a point to train hard and also give your best efforts to get the desired results.

2. Bodyweight Circuits

These workouts will help you to reduce your weight effectively and will consist of high-intensity as well as calorie-burning workouts. They will likewise help you to build your muscles which is an essential part of an effective weight training process. Include weight training into your fitness regime because of all these astounding benefits. It will work your muscles simultaneously in various directions.

3. Bench and Dumbbells Strength Exercises

This workout routine consists of some basic equipment for developing strength, reducing fat, and enhancing overall health plus fitness. It will be feasible to possess a fantastic ab by having only a few tools in your residence. You can also develop your leg muscles and butt as well. You will get the desired results by using only a set of dumbbells as well as open workout benches.

4. Functional Training

This astounding home gym workout routine is ideal for developing flexibility, core stability, mobility, strength, as well as balance. It will involve some compound workouts which resemble real life motions, and your overall coordination will be enhanced as well that will aid in your daily chores.

It will include lifting heavy luggage, driving your vehicle, and so forth. Functional training will also prove to be effective for enhancing endurance as well as burning off your calories.

Home Gym Barbell Workout Routines With Pictures

A barbell is a simple metal bar that is loaded with weights. Some barbells usually come premade while others are adjustable. Barbell workouts are extremely important for professional weightlifters and people who want to gain muscles and tone their body. The good thing about barbells workouts is that they are simple and easy to learn. They are also available in multiple weights meaning that you can choose one that suits you work out needs. However, you can only get the best results from barbell workouts if you understand barbell workout routines. In this article, we are going to explain the basics of barbell workout routines.

These routines will include the following barbell exercises and more:

Squat bottom position
The squat
Deadlift starting position
The deadlift
The bench press

5. Starting Strength

Any experienced weightlifter knows the importance of starting strength. Lack of good foundation on starting strength will make it very difficult to perform other intense workouts. The starting strength usually utilize body mass movement patterns. In other words, starting strength is the systematic approach used in barbell training and involves a series of concepts. When these concepts are applied together, then they will help you become a stronger lifter with more power and endurance.

Starting Strength is designed to give the body strength using movement pattern that resembles the strength that you apply in every day life. This technique was deviled by Mark Rippertoe but is now being used worldwide by professional personal trainers.

Various factors are usually considered when choosing starting strength workout. Some of these factors include effect of the exercise on muscle mass and which exercise has the largest effect on range of motion. In most cases, exercises that usually fit in this criteria include low bar neck squat, standing overhead press, convectional deadlift and bench press.

Bench press
The bench press as seen from a spotter’s perspective

6. Stronglifts 5×5

Stronglifts 5×5 requires you to perform 5 compound exercises each week. They include the squat, deadlift, bench presses, barbell row and overhead press. Stronglifts 5×5 requires you to alternate two different workouts (A and B) each week.

In workout A, you are required to perform bench presses, barbell row and squats. In workout B, you are required to perform overhead presses, squats and deadlift.

For each workout, you are supposed to perform 5 sets of 5 reps. the only exception is when youare performingdeadlift where you are required to perform one set of five reps. If you are able to perform 5 reps on each set comfortably then need to add around 5 pounds in your next workout. Adding more weight is important because it gives your muscles more resistance, enabling you to gain more muscles.

Benefits of Stronglifts 5×5

Stronglifts 5×5 protocol has a number of benefits especially for beginning weightlifters. First, it is very simple to perform, which is very important for beginners who are starting their training career. Simplicity has been integrated into the program in many ways. First, the trainee will get to know the exact number of days per week to work out and the types of exercise to perform. This completely eliminates the element of guesswork. Another great thing about Stronglifts 5×5 is that it puts more emphasis on strength building. Lastly, this program does not encourage the use of gym machines. There is no time for jokes, you have to train hard. That explains why Stronglifts 5×5 is very effective.

7. Push Pull Legs

Push Pull Legs is a simple training method where you split your bossy into three parts. Each part is usually trained on its own separate day. The push exercise usually target the pushing muscles on the upper body. This include the triceps, shoulders and the chest. On the other hand, the pull workouts works on the upper pulling muscles such as biceps and the back. Legs workouts focuses on training the lower body including the calves, hamstrings and the abdominals.

For instance, if you can only make to go to the gym 3 days per week, then you will do one set per day. This means that you will train one body part per day. If you want to get the best results from this workout program, then you need to alternate workouts. This means that you have to allocate more time for workout because you can only train one body part per day.

Benefits of Push Pull Legs

One of the main benefits of Push Pull Legs workouts program is that it helps train muscles that work together. If you take the example of pushing workout like bench press, this workout not only helpful to the chest but also the triceps and shoulders. These muscles groups are referred to as prime movers because they have to move a bar from one point to another. When you perform pushing movement, then you will train muscles that work together. This is important because it helps you to maximize when working on each muscle group. Overlap of movement is also beneficial to muscle development.

8. Upper/Lower Body Workout Routine

Upper/Lower Body Split Workout Routine is where you switch between 2 workouts, upper and lower body workout this good thing about this workout routine is that it works well other with or without guidance from a trainer. This workout routine is recommended for individuals who are past the beginner stage and they are looking for an ideal way to build strength, endurance and muscle size. Upper/Lower Body Split Workout Routine allows you to train each muscles group with optimal workout frequency.

Once you have made a tremendous gain on your workout, you will start to realize that it actually takes longer to recover when you lift heavier loads. The best way to avoid stretching your body too far is by training individual muscle groups per workout session. Training one body part a week is not good enough. Experts recommend that you should train each muscle group at least once 3-5 days a week and that is exactly what Upper/Lower Body Split Workout Routine allows you to do.

Upper/Lower Body Split are compound exercises. Research has shown that compound exercises are the most effective workouts to bold muscles. Before you start performing the actual Upper/Lower Body Split Workout Routine, you are advised to first do a warm up with lighter weights so as to prepare your body for heavier weights. You should also take breaks between workouts. For instance when you train on Monday then you should take a break on Tuesday and so on. Muscle group that upper body workouts focuses on include chest, back, shoulders , tricepsand biceps while lower body workout focuses on squats, hamstrings, calves , abs an lower back. Recommended upper body workouts include bench press, barbell row, overhead dumbbell, side lateral raise, and side lateral raise. Lower body workout include, standing calf raise, stiff leg deadlifts, squats cable crunch among many others.

Deadlift finishing position
The deadlift finishing position

9. Full Body Workout Routine

Full Body Workout Routine is increasingly becoming popular because it helps to save time. It also helps to boost the cardiovascular system. Full body workout trains all major muscle groups enabling you to have a well-toned and evenly balanced body.

Choosing a workout routine is not easy. That explains why many people fail. You have to decide how many days in a week to train, which muscles groups to focus on, which workouts to do as well as how many sets and reps to perform.

Full body workout trains all main muscle groups in one workout. This means that instead of performing individual exercises like chest, push or triceps, you actually train every in a single workout. To make this possible, full body workout routines usually focus on compound exercises like the bench press, squat, military press, and deadlift.

How to Structure Full Body Workout Routine

Train at least three times a week. However, you should not do the same workout because it can prolong your healing process. Instead, alternate two or three different routines to give other muscles time to recover. In addition to that, your workout should not be too long. One of the biggest mistakes that many people do is conducting too many workouts at the same time. Experts recommend that you should only perform 2- 3 routines per day. Anything more than that will do you more harm than good.

Recommended full body workouts:

  • Barbell back squat
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Chin up
  • Lat pull-down
  • Barbell row
  • Barbell press

Another crucial factor that you need to consider when coming up with a full body workout routine is your training volume. This refers to the number of reps or set that you perform.Set a realistic training volume that you can attain. However, experts recommend that your training should contain around 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps per exercise. It is also very important to change your exercise regularly to prevent your body from getting too accustomed to them.


In conclusion, if you want to get the best result from barbell workouts, then you need to understand basic barbell workout routines. Barbell routines that have been discussed above are very effective and will help you get the best results. The good thing is that they are simple to perform even wihout the help of a professional workout trainer.

Once you are able to perform all these workouts mentioned above, it will be possible for you to build your personal workouts which you may do with the help of machines or even without them. In case you like to opt for a machine, you can always go for a treadmill as well as a cross trainer which will help you to achieve your dream physique. Both will be low impact on the body and you can use them for different types of cardio workouts.

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