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4 Ways to Set Up a Home Gym in Your Apartment

Life is has become busier than ever. We are spending most of our time sitting in front of computers. The result is obvious. It affects both your physical and mental well being. Also, the busy schedule makes it difficult to visit a gym and to practice some workouts. However, you can make a gym in your apartment. It is possible with the right set up and some excellent choices of gym equipment. In this article, I will help you to accomplish your fitness goal by suggesting some ways to set up a home gym in your apartment.

How to Set Up a Gym in Your Home Apartment

Setting up a home gym will not demand much space. You can set up a gym even in a very small apartment. Consider the followings to know how to convert a part of your small apartment into a gym.

1. Get the Right Space

Before buying any gym equipment, it is important to find the best appropriate space to set up your home gym. You should always have a designated space for your home gym to ensure easy access as well as to install your equipment to create a proper gym environment.

2. Consider Using Your Furniture Space

If you do not find enough space in your small apartment, you can consider using the hidden storage sources. You can use the furniture storage space in your home to store all your gym equipment conveniently. While storing, make sure these are not hidden and easy to access. Some great examples of furniture storage options are footrests and beds.

3. Use Wheel Furniture

When your apartment is too small, it might be difficult to get enough space for your gym. In that condition, you can consider adding wheels to your furniture so that you can easily move them whenever you want to practice your workouts.

4. Use Your Wall

You can use vertical space to store your gym equipment. It is easy and very effective as well. You can simply get some shelves or hook to store your yoga mats, resistant bands, rollers, and weights.

Home Gym Equipment for Your Small Apartment

Once you know where to store your gym equipment, the next step is to buy the right equipment for your home gym. You should always consider buying compact gym equipment to ensure easy storage. Also, make sure that your chosen equipment is safe and does not cause a lot of noise. You can consider the following equipment for your home gym.


I will start out with weights. If you do not have enough space for the barbell and squat rack or power rack, then you can consider buying kettlebells and adjustable weights. You will need a couple of kettlebells to get full body workouts. In fact, one kettlebell might serve your purpose. A kettlebell is easy to store and it can be a great addition to your small home gym. In addition to the kettlebell, you can use dumbbells. Now, you will find different varieties of dumbbells. Some of them are adjustable, stylish, and come with the space-saving feature as well. Get the one that meets your unique requirements.

Resistance Bands

You can purchase resistance bands to support your workout regime. Resistance bands can be used for different types of workouts including mobility exercises, resistance training, and stretching. The key benefit is that it does not demand much space for storage. You can store them almost anywhere.

Yoga Mat

You will certainly need a yoga mat in your home gym. Yoga mats can make your exercises more comfortable and safe especially when you have a hard floor. A yoga mat can support a lot of physical and mental exercises. Also, it is easy to use and easy to store. It is super affordable as well.

Lacrosse Balls

People normally use foam rolling. It offers a number of benefits that include improved mobility and decreased muscle tension and soreness. But it will demand much space. So, you can consider buying lacrosse balls. These are the best alternative to the foam rollers. You can use them for your smaller muscle groups that include biceps, triceps, and calves.

While setting up your home gym, make sure that you have everything to support your workout needs. However, focus on small equipment to ensure easy storage.

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