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The Best Home Gym Dumbbells of 2019

Do you want to build strength and tone your body? If yes then dumbbells can help you achieve what you are looking for. There is no doubt that dumbbells are one of the most popular pieces of strength training equipment. Dumbbells are weights that usually come in pairs and fit into the hands perfectly. Most of them have a preset weight that cannot be adjusted. Most people usually go to their local gym to access this crucial muscle building equipment.

However, you don’t have to pay expensive gym membership in order to access this crucial strength training equipment. Instead, you can buy your own home gym dumbbells and perform your strength training exercises at the comfort of your own home. In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about home gym dumbbells including best dumbbells brands and best dumbbells for beginners.

Benefits of Using Dumbbells For Strength Training

Let’s look at some of the most prominent benefits of using dumbbells over other type of home gym equipment.

Dumbbells are Joint Friendly

Dumbbells are more joint friendly because they allow you to have a natural movement. This means that you can turn or rotate them as you like. Strength trainers widely recommend the use of dumbbells for people who have had elbow or shoulder problems. They are also recommendrd it for people who usually experience discomfort when using a barbell. If you want to build your upper and lower body without injuring your joints, then dumbbells are the best equipment to use.

They are Great For Those Who Have Limited Home Gym Space

If you want to create your own home gym but you have limited space, then you won’t get disappointed if you purchase an adjustable set of dumbbells. Dumbbells will not only help you achieve your strength training goals fast but will also not consume much of your space as it is usually the case with other strength training equipment. They are also very easy to store after use.

Can Be Used For a Variety of Exercises

Unlike barbells that are only used for a specific exercise due to their length, dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises. The fact that they can be held on hands means that they can be used for a variety of exercises that target various muscles groups in your body.

Unilateral Training

Another benefit of dumbbells is that they help ensure that both limbs do the same amount of work thus ensuring that you tone your body evenly. If you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where one arm is bigger than the other, then dumbbells are the best equipment to use. Most people use barbell often usually suffer from strength imbalance because one limb usually does more work than the other. However, when you use dumbbells, then both limbs will be forced to perform the same amount of work.

Dumbbells are Safer

Most strength training expert usually recommend dumbbells to beginners not just because they are easy to perform but because they are safer. For instance, when you are performing your strength training exercises using dumbbells then you end up losing your balance, all that you need to do is toss the dumbbells. However, if you are performing your strength workout using other equipment like a barbell, then you can easily get injured if you lose balance.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For Dumbbell Usage?

Dumbbells can be used by anybody who wants to achieve great success from strength training. However,people who can benefit more from dumbbell workout include:

Experienced Lifters Who are Rehabilitating Injuries

If you are an experienced weightlifter but your dreams have been cut short abruptly because of lifting heavy barbells, then dumbbells can be a perfect replacement. They are not only safer but they also help your body to heal fast.


If you want to start strength training but you are afraid of performing barbell workout, then dumbbell workout is a good place to start. Dumbbells exercises are simple and easy to perform. If you are new in the strength training world, then you can begin by performing basic strength training exercises with dumbbells then progress to tougher exercises as you get stronger.

Mature Workout Enthusiasts

Most mature people who love working out prefer to use dumbbells because they are safer but very effective. They are also friendlier to the soft tissue and the joint.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Home Gym Dumbbells

Consider Material Used

Before you make your final decision, it is very important to consider the type of material used to construct the dumbbell. Two common materials
used include cast iron and vinyl.

Vinyl is a very light material. In fact, it is just a cast that is filled with material inside, mostly concrete. Dumbbells made of concrete are usually bulkier and bigger than those made of cast iron. Although they don’t break easily, they are usually more fragile than dumbbells made from cast iron.

On the other hand, dumbbells made from cast iron not only take less space but have a more natural and attractive look. They are also more resistant to rust. Although dumbbells that made from vinyl and good enough to serve the purpose, experts recommend that you choose one that is made from cast iron. They are more durable and consume less space.

Consider Brand

This is a very important factor that most people usually overlook when shopping for dumbbells. There are many brands that manufacture dumbbells and surprisingly, all of them claim to manufacture high quality dumbbells. However, the truth still remains that there are some brands that are known to produce quality dumbbells than others.

Before you make your final decision, conduct your own extensive research to know the best dumbbells brands. If you want to be on the safe side, then you should buy your dumbbells from a brand that has been in existence for a long period of time and has proven beyond reasonable doubt to manufacture quality dumbbells.

Consider How Much Weight You Need

The best way to know how much weight you need is by correctly identifying the reason why you need them. For instance, do you want to buy a dumbbell for cardio exercises or for strength training? By knowing the exact reason why you need a dumbbell, then you will know how much weight you need.

When considering how much weight you need, keep in mind that you will outgrow your maximum weight capacity with time. You are therefore advised to buy weights that are at least 2 times your current maximum capacity.

Consider Storage

Unlike commercial gyms that have huge storage space, most home gyms have very limited space.Therefore, before you buy home gym dumbbells, you should consider where you are going to store them.

Remember that dumbbells are heavy training equipment and can cause fatal injuries if not well stored. In addition to that, dumbbells can also damage your flooring. Therefore, before you buy dumbbells, ensure that you have a place where you can store them safely after use.

Types of Dumbbells

Fixed Dumbbells

If you are searching for a robust dumbbell that can withstand wear and tear, then fixed dumbbells are the best option for you. They are widely used in commercial gyms but are also recommended for people who want to establish premium home gyms.

One feature that makes fixed dumbbells to stand above the rest is their protective outer coating that protects the dumbbells, the surrounding lifting area as well as the storage stand. In addition to that, fixed dumbbells have a more colorful and attractive design. They are the most common type of dumbbells and are mostly found in commercial gym facilities.

They are usually sold in pairs and can weigh anything from 1 kg to 100 kg each. Fixed dumbbells are available in different varieties including fixed rubber dumbbells, fixed urethane dumbbells, fixed hex dumbbells, and fixed chrome dumbbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are great for people who want to use many weights but are limited by space budget or storage. Adjustable dumbbells are now one of the bestselling in the market. They widely used for home gyms because they are highly efficient but affordable and saves space.

Studio Dumbbells

Studio dumbbells are usually used for studio classes. They are usually bought in large quantities because it is much cheaper to buy them that way. In addition to that, they are usually color corded for easy identification. Studio dumbbells are usually fully coated with a layer of neoprene
or textured rubber.

The coating not only makes grip easy but they also protect it again rust. They are widely recommended for individuals who are looking for low weight denomination. They usually range from 0.5 kg to 10 kg.

Best Adjustable Home Gym Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 522 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex is a reputable company that is known to manufacture high-quality home exercises equipment. Once again, they did not disappoint when they launched the Bowflex SelectTech 522 adjustable dumbbells. These adjustable dumbbells are meant to last and are recommended for people who are looking for high quality and durable dumbbells. They are also ideal for people who don’t have enough space for a full dumbbell set.

The weight plates of Bowflex SelectTech 522 adjustable dumbbells contain metal components that are covered with hard plastic. Its handle is very comfortable with nice ergonomics for easy grip. The dumbbell holder platform has a plastic contraction and helps to hold spare weight plates in place when you are adjusting the dumbbell to your desired weight.

Each dumbbell adjust from 5 to 52.5 pounds. It is also equipped with a dial system that enables you to choose your desired weight with ease.


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is durable
  • Quality construction
  • It helps you save your valuable home gym space
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on parts and weight plates
  • Durable molding on the metal plates enables smooth lift off and quiet workouts
  • They enable you to perform a wide range of exercises


  • Some user have complained that the plates usually move during workout

Weider speed weight Adjustable Dumbbells

Weider speed weight adjustable dumbbells allows you to switch weights through the twist knob.They also come with a convenient storage with color codes. They are perfect for aerobic exercises as well as for individuals who are new in strength training.

Weider adjustable dumbbell allows you to select dumbbells that range from 2.5 pounds to 12.5 pounds in 2.5 pounds increment. To select your desired weight for your workout, all that you need to do is move the pin to the color coded plate then pull the handles from the stand.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • They are durable
  • Very affordable
  • They are color coded for uniformity
  • Comes with a storage tray
  • Saves space
  • Soft grip handles for comfort and safety


  • They are only suitable for cardio and light weight workouts

Bodymax Omni 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells

Bodymax Omni 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells have 10 different weights in one dumbbell. This is important because it allows you to perform a variety of strength training workouts. You can select weight from 2.5kg up to 25kg in 2.5 kg increments.

These dumbbells are perfect for people who want to conduct both simple and intense workout. Bodymax Omni 25kg Selectabell Dumbbell also allows you to change weights with just a click of a dial.


  • They are affordable
  • They save space
  • Ability to change weights with a click of dial
  • Has over 10 different weighs in one dumbbell


  • Some users have complained that the plates get lose over time

Bodymax Deluxe H/Tone DB Kit Dumbbell

If you are looking for high-quality dumbbell to help you tone your muscles, then you won’t regret if you choose Bodymax Deluxe H/Tone DB kit dumbbell. These dumbbells are equipped with rubber handles to give you perfect grip as you perform your strength training excesses. This feature also helps to enhance your comfort.

Bodymax Deluxe H/Tone DB kit dumbbell also has a variety of weight set to choose from (25kg to 40kg). This allows you to perform a wide variety of workouts. These adjustable dumbbells are also very easy to use. For instance, if you want to adjust the weight, all that you need to do is unscrew the bolt.

They are made from quality cast iron material that is durable. If you use these dumbbells as recommended by the manufacture, then they will last for a long period of time.They can easily be stored in a safe place when not in use to save space.


  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with free exercise wall chart
  • Deluxe hammertone coated finish
  • Secure spin lock collars for safety
  • Rubber handle for enhance comfort
  • They are affordable
  • Saves space


  • Does not have storage casing

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

If you are looking for quality dumbbells that will save your hard earned money and space, then Core fitness adjustable dumbbell is a good choice for you. This dumbbell gives you an entire set of 10 weights in a single dumbbell.

It also uses the latest twist lock technology that gives you a natural dumbbell feel. This technology allows you to change the weight setting with one hand. Core fitness adjustable dumbbell is also equipped with a textured soft grip handle that not only secures grip control but also provides the much-needed comfort.

The overall compact design of the dumbbells allows you to store them safely when not in use. This dumbbell weight setting ranges from 5 to 50 pounds. Multiple weight sets that this dumbbell provides means that you can perform huge variety of strength training workouts.


  • Comes with 2 years warranty on parts
  • It saves space
  • It is durable
  • Instant weight adjustment
  • Uses twist lock technology
  • Contoured, textured and soft handle for comfort


  • It is quite expensive

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes4All adjustable dumbbells come in wide variety of sizes including 40 pounds, 50 pounds, 52.6 pounds, 60 pounds, 105 pounds and 200 pounds. The dumbbells are made of cast iron that is strong and durable. The cast iron plates are covered by black paint finish that not only makes it attractive but also prevents corrosion and rust. They are also equipped with spin lock collars that enable you to get the plates on and off within the shortest time possible.

Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are circular, a factor that allows you to roll the weights in place fast. It is also equipped high-quality chrome handles that ensure that you get a firm, secure and non-slip grip when performing strengthen exercises. These dumbbells are also very easy to assemble and store when not in use.

The fact that they are all for one dumbbell means that they will help save your home gym space. Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are suitable for individuals who want to perform core fitness, basic toning, heavy leg fit and strength training.


  • It is easy to use and store
  • Star lock collars enables fast weight palate change
  • Textured chrome handle gives firm, non-slip grip
  • Plates made from cast iron that are durable
  • They save space


  • People complain that it is expensive

Bayou Adjustable Fitness Set

Bayou adjustable Fitness set is a high end 25 weight capacity dumbbell that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. This adjustable dumbbell has storage trays that safely store the adjustable plates when they are not in use.

When you purchase this dumbbell, then you will get four plates on each side. Each plate weighs 5 pounds. The weight of the bar is also 5 pounds, giving you a total of 25 pounds. They are highly recommended for people who want to perform calories workout and muscles toning.

Their plates are made of cast iron that is strong, durable and resistant to rust.


  • Plates are made of cat iron that is durable and resistant to rust
  • Easy to use
  • They eliminate the need to have multiple dumbbells
  • They help save your gym space
  • They have trays to easy and safe storage


  • They are quite expensive

Ironmaster 45lb Adjustable Dumbbell

Many strength trainers will tell you that you won’t go wrong if you choose Ironmaster 45lb adjustable dumbbell. These dumbbells will help you achieve your strength training goals with ease. They feature a quick lock design that adjusts plates from 2-45 pound in 2.5 increments in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, these adjustable dumbbells are made of heavy-duty cast iron steel that can last for life-time if well taken care of.

Its chrome plate handles will give you the comfort and protection that you need when performing your workouts. When you purchase Ironmaster 45lb adjustable dumbbell, then you won’t experience problems with rattling when you make an adjustment as it usually the case with other dumbbells. This means that your safety is guaranteed when you use it to perform your strength training workout.


  • It is safe and secure
  • Quick lock feature
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable
  • Lifetime warranty on some part
  • It saves space


  • It is quite expensive

Amazon Basics 38-Pound Adjustable Weight Set

If you are looking for a home gym dumbbell that gives you a feel of how traditional dumbbells used to work, then Amazon basics 38 pound adjustable weight set is exactly what you need.

These dumbbells require you to manually remove plates from the bar in order to make adjustments. The treaded lock collars that they contain helps to make the process simple and fast. Their textured handles help to promote secure and comfortable hold.

The 38 pounds adjustable weight will give you the resistance that you need to tone your muscles and build strength. The plates are made of cast iron that is durable. The semi-gloss finish helps to prevent rust.


  • One year warranty
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Threaded collars that make it easy to put the plates on and off
  • Comfortable handles for easy grip
  • Saves space
  • It is durable


  • Plates are removed manually from the bar

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

PowerBlock elite dumbbells are among the sturdiest dumbbells available on the market. You can make the weight lighter or heavier depending on your workout needs. PowerBlock elite dumbbells are simple and easy to use. That explains why these dumbbells are among the bestselling in the market today.

One common feature that makes this dumbbell to stand out is a selector pin that naturally fits into various sockets. The dumbbell is equipped with selector weights of sizes between 5 pounds to 90 pounds.

PowerBlock elite dumbbells use an advanced adjustable system that set dumbbells at a fixed rate. If you want to become a proficient weight lifter, then PowerBlock elite dumbbells will help make your dream a reality.


  • Come with 10 years home use warranty
  • High quality and durable. It can withstand all sort of gym abuse
  • It is one of the highest rated and bestselling dumbbells on the market
  • PowerBlock, one of the leading company for home gym equipment, has made it


  • It is quite expensive

CAP Barbell 40lbs Adjustable Dumbbell

If you are a beginner in strength training, then CAP barbell 40lbs adjustable dumbbell is perfect for you. The 40 pounds dumbbells have four collars, two handles, four 5 pounds plates, four 2.5 pounds plates, and a case. CAP barbell is a reputable company that is well known to manufacture quality fitness equipment and once again they did not disappoint when they CAP barbell 40lbs adjustable dumbbell.

This dumbbell is made from cast iron that is durable and resistant to rust. The design of the collar and plate makes this dumbbell ideal for amateur weightlifters. These dumbbells have the ability to target certain muscle groups and hence perfect for individuals who want full body workout.

Their collars are threaded to ensure that they fit properly to handle. These dumbbells are also very easy to use. All that you need to do is follow a few simple instructions given.


  • It is made from cast iron that is durable and resistant to rust
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rubber trimmed collars it is maintenance free
  • Made from reputable and trusted company
  • Carrying case makes it easy for storage
  • Does not consume a lot of space
  • It is affordable


  • It is only suitable for beginners

Unipack Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

Unipack cast iron adjustable dumbbells come in two options. They include the 200 pounds and the 100 pounds set. The plates are made of iron cast that is durable. Chrome handle on the other hand help to prevent slipping, giving you a perfect grip to enable you perfom your workouts safely. Both the handles andcollars are threaded for a secure fit.

Weights can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds with increments of 2.5 pounds. The design of the collar and the plate makes these dumbbells ideal for experienced weight lifters.


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Its chrome handles are very comfortable
  • Plates are made from cast iron that is strong and durable
  • This dumbbell is very affordable
  • Saves space


  • Some users have complained that the plates wear out fast if used frequently

Starring Chrome Sprayed Adjustable Dumbbells

Starring chrome sprayed adjustable dumbbells are perfect for both experienced weightlifters and beginners. They are widely recommended for home gyms because they are excellent space savers. Their plates are made of cast iron that is durable and resistant to rust. These dumbbells are also very easy to set up or dismount even using hands.

Weights are adjustable from 5lbs to 52.5lbs with an increment of 5 lbs. Their handles are also very comfortable meaning that you can perform your workout for a long period of time without worrying about injuries.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • It is durable
  • It is affordable
  • Saves space
  • Perfect for both experienced weightlifters and novices
  • Eexcellent ergonomic design


  • They are quite expensive

Sammons Preston Vinyl Coated Dumbbells

Sammons Preston vinyl coated dumbbells are ideal for individuals who want to perform light work to target specific muscles groups in the body. They are mostly used in studios for simple strength training, physical therapy, and toning exercise.

They are made of cast iron that is tough and durable. If you are looking for simple yet efficient dumbbells that don’t consume a lot of space to perform simple workouts at your home gym, then Sammons Preston vinyl coated dumbbells are perfect for you.


  • They are very affordable
  • Build of cast iron that is strong and durable
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Latex-free
  • They don’t consume a lot of space


  • They are only used for simple workouts

Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are looking for high-quality home gym adjustable dumbbell that will last for a long period of time then Omnie adjustable dumbbells are a good choice for you. These dumbbells have everything that an experienced weightlifter would want in a dumbbell.

They contain an adjustable set of two dumbbells from 5 pounds to 32.5 pounds in 2.5 pounds increment. They also contain 4 collars, one 10 inch chrome finished section of barbell rod, four 2.5 pounds plates,four 1.25 pounds plates and two 16 inch handles. The weight plates are made of durable cast iron that are rust and corrosion free. Handles are coated in high-quality chrome for a secure and non-slip grip.

These dumbbells are also equipped with star lock collars that are threaded at the end. This makes it easy to swamp plates. When you purchase these dumbbells, then you will eliminate the need to buy multiple dumbbells. It is an all in one dumbbell that can cater for all your strength training needs. It is also very easy to assemble.


  • Start lock collars with threaded ends for simple plates swap
  • They don’t consume a lot of space and are easy to store
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plate made from durable cast iron that is corrosion and rust free
  • They are affordable
  • Perfect for both novices and experienced weightlifters


  • Plates get lose overtime


In conclusion, as discussed above, it is clear that dumbbells play a crucial role in the strength training world. However, before you go shopping for a dumbbell for your home gym, ensure that you conduct your own background research.

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