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Home Gym Weight Set

The Best Home Gym Weight Set

The thought of working out in the comfort of your home may sound like a dream to you but in reality, it is practical. It is not a must that you join other like-minded fitness enthusiasts in the gym to achieve your goal when you can do it at home. […]

Home gym rowing machine

The Best Home Gym Rowing Machine Under $500

Who said rowing cannot help tone your body or make you fit? It may sound impossible but the reality is, it can be done. Indoor rowing machines have been in existence from time immemorial and thousands of fitness enthusiasts have been benefiting from them in one way or the other. […]

Home gym treadmill

The Best Home Gym Treadmill Under $500

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to create their own gyms at home. This is because home gyms are convenient, cheaper, hygienic and also allows people to exercises as they wish. Running/walking is one of the most efficient ways to stay in good shape. It is widely recommended even by […]

home gym kettlebell

The Best Home Gym Kettlebell

For a long period of time, dumbbells and barbells have been the face of an effective training program. Of course these two equipment play a crucial role when it comes to strength training, muscle building and body toning. However, in recent years, a new workout equipment has taken the strength […]