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Why Have a Home Gym? Pros and Cons

Committing yourself to working out is the smartest choice to stay fit. If you are considering having a home gym but still not sure if it’s the best option to take advantage of, then you’ve certainly come to the right platform. But Why Have a Home Gym? There are several […]


How Can I Finance a Home Gym?

If you decide to invest in your own exercise equipment, it’s like saving money in the bank. However, the machines do not develop in value. But if you pay for something that is beneficial to your health, you save a lot of money through special bills and medical expenses. So […]

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How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

It’s great when you have everything at home to keep you fit. But what may the fun cost? So how much does a home gym generally cost? If you have a budget of around $1000-$3000, you´ll probably find good equipment that fit your needs. You can even setup a decent […]

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Can Home Gyms Build Muscle Mass?

Have you ever dreamed of having your own gym at home? Is it true that the comfort of exercising in your private space ends with vagrancy and excuses? But can a home gym help me build muscle? These and many other questions are asked by many. So Can Home Gyms […]

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Can You Put a Home Gym Upstairs on the Second Floor?

Gym equipment is, as you might know, usually quite heavy. Many aspiring home gym owners therefor asks themsemselves wether it’s possible to use this type of equipment on the second floor of the house, without risking damaging the building or – even worse – the weight of the stuff making […]