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Best Home Gym Power Rack Under $500

Have you ever known that you can exercise at home and still achieve your goals? As more and more people get busier with their lives, they hardly get enough time to go to the gym. You could be one of them but don’t let your busy lifestyle deny you the chance of staying fit and healthy. But how do you go about with this?

While this idea might sound impossible, when you give it a second thought you will see some logic in it. First of all, you should start by listing down some of the great reasons that should compel you to work out in the comfort of your home. Start with time, then proceed to the use of your own exercise equipment and finally, settle on the freedom to do your exercise anytime you feel like. These reasons are proof enough that working out at home is a better choice especially for someone on a busy schedule.

When you choose to work at home, you will need to have a few of the exercise equipment to help you achieve timeless results. There are dozens of work out machines that will enable you to transform your appearance. But choosing the right one could be quite a task on its own. That should not worry you now that you can get first-hand information on the best and efficient strength equipment to use at your home gym. One of that equipment is the home gym power rack.

What is a Power Rack anyways?

A power rack is actually an essential piece of weightlifting gym equipment that is usually crafted from durable 11 or 12 gauge steel material. The whole set comprises of 4 uprights with a pair of safety steel bars designed to act as spotters when performing free weight barbell exercise.

In most cases, the walk-in side at the front of your power rack will be open without the cross brace steel running across the base. This space is left to give room for the workout bench to placed inside the frame. In this way, you will be able to perform various stunts on your barbell bench press without straining that much.

Power racks can be mounted on the wall but mostly, the standard power rack (sometimes referred to as power cage, squat rack or squat cage) is always freestanding but firmly bolted on the ground for maximum stability. However, a power rack is a good investment if you are a serious weightlifter or bodybuilder. This essential home gym equipment is a must-have if you truly want to take your exercising to the next level.

There are a variety of power racks on the market and each type has its own unique features. The features matter the most especially when buying a power rack. That is the main reason this piece of home gym work out equipment remains such a valuable asset to you.

For you to settle on the best power rack in 2019 there are a few factors to consider. These factors will act as your buying guide when searching for a perfect home gym exercising equipment. Learn more about the key features that you need to have at the back of your mind when purchasing your ideal power rack to use in your home.

Best Home Gym Power Racks 2019

Power racks are extremely costly but very rewarding in the long run. Which is why you should not be in a hurry to pick just any model you come across without considering a few factors first. To avoid making such costly mistakes, you should consider the following factors when choosing the right equipment for your home gym.


The size is the first thing to look for when buying your power rack. With the right size, you will be able to work out comfortably. At the same time, your power rack’s size should be small enough to fit nicely into a tight space. In other words, you should consider your workout space and your size in relation to the size of the power rack you are about to buy. If you are lucky enough to have a bigger home then a larger power rack would be a perfect option for you. Likewise, if you have limited space in your home then you will consider acquiring smaller equipment.


Another important factor to take into account when buying your next home gym power rack, is the construction or build quality of that particular equipment. The whole structure should be able to support at least 700 pounds or hold up to 1000 pounds. When checking on its build, ensure that the power rack is made out of quality materials such as solid metal with a few plastic or rubber accessories included on the structure. The main reason for taking construction into consideration is that the power rack is meant to hold heavy and intense loads all the time. Additionally, check the base to see if the welding was done perfectly. From there, check the whole structure to see if there are safety bars. Generally, your power rack of choice should be constructed from high-quality materials to guarantee you some strength, safety and durability.

Holes and Safety Pins

Pay your particular attention to the design, versatility and quality of the safety bars and holes on the power rack. Ensure that the holes are placed not more than a foot from the ground for better work out. On the other hand, the safety pins on the power rack should not be less than an inch in thickness. Check if those safety pins are made of the solid steel material to guarantee you maximum safety when doing different exercises. When you come to the holes, check if they are placed more than 2 inches from each other in order to adjust them properly to suit your workout needs.


The number of accessories on your power rack plays a crucial role in making your exercise worthwhile. This means that when purchasing the power rack, you need to look carefully to know the number and type of accessories that are there. Some of the notable accessories you shouldn’t miss on your power rack include dip bars, extra weight plate holders, pull up bars, extra J-hooks a handful of extra safety bars, and a pull-down station among other features of great interest. These accessories will enable you to perform various stunts on your power rack hence the need to have them included. But the more the number of accessories, the higher the price of the home gym exercise equipment. Despite all that, you will stand a good chance of reaping great benefits from a good and well-structured power rack.

Anchor or the Stabilizer

The stability of your power rack is one thing that needs to be looked into. If your equipment is not stable, you will be putting yourself at the risk of getting injured. In order to know that the power rack you are intending to buy is stable, you need to look at its anchoring mechanism. This simply means that it should have some accessories that will make it be attached firmly on the ground. Alternatively, your power rack should have some type of stabilizing system to make it strong and firmly rooted to the ground. The stability of your exercise equipment should not be taken for granted because doing so is more or less the same as compromising your safety and that of others when working out.

Why Do You Need a Power Rack?

Staying fit and healthy should be out of the question if you really care about yourself. In this regard, the need for you to have a good power rack in your home should be driven by a few important factors such as:

Your Health

Staying in shape is not a question about looking great. As you know, many people embark on exercising with the sole purpose of improving their physique but their health factor should supersede all that. According to numerous studies conducted in relation to working out, there is more to staying healthy compared to just having a good physique. In fact, there are numerous benefits that are realized when you exercise regularly using the right equipment. Some of the benefits include:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Decreasing your back pain
  • Uplifting your moods
  • Enhancing your self-esteem
  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Minimizing risks to injuries
  • Longevity
  • And so on

The truth of the matter is that working out routinely and staying in good shape is more beneficial to your overall well-being thus the need to acquire the best exercising equipment for your home.

Your Strength Training Factor

Your strength training factor is an added incentive for working out using a top-rated power rack. This type of training is essential especially to those that engage in aerobics or just simple workouts alone. A good power rack will definitely deliver better results within the shortest time of your workout routine if you devote your time to enhance your body appearance. According to some studies, a power rack is a piece of vital exercise equipment that you can use strategically in order to achieve the best lower and upper body strength.

When used for strength training, a power rack can help you to take your whole workout from one level to the next. As a matter of fact, both men and women can benefit greatly from this equipment to obtain fulfilling results for their own reasons. Even the elderly can still use this great home gym exercise equipment to help them stay stronger and fit as they age gracefully.

With all this vital information at your fingertips, it is time to look for the right power racks for your home gym. Using the highlighted factors and reasons for working out with the help of a power cage, you can go ahead and buy yourself good equipment at an affordable price. Find out more about the best power racks under $500 in the following review.

The Best Power Rack Under $500 in 2019

You don’t have to spend your entire saving on a power rack when you can get a quality one for just under $500. By searching diligently, you will definitely come across one model that will excite you and help in improving your workout. There are numerous power racks under $500 on the market today but each has its own unique features to choose from. To help you in making a wise decision, you can check on the review of our top pick products below to see which one is perfect for you:

1. Best Fitness Power Track

Simplicity is actually the biggest strength that comes with the Best Fitness Power Rack. There is nothing fancy with this great power rack apart from the essentials that will determine your workout outcome. The rack comes with a red, long-lasting powder coat and a really nice look that will entice you immediately after you see it.

For design, the power rack is made of a steel frame complete with 23 adjustment positions. These features are just enough to take care of all your exercise needs at home using this magnificent home gym power rack. The adjustments are evenly spread apart with each being 3 inches from the other. These 23 holes are all included to serve two major purposes which are safety and lifting off. These multiple positions are excellent in fitting everyone workout needs in terms of body type, the type of exercise and safety.

Safety First

When using this power rack at home, you will make use of the two full-length safety bars and two adjustable lift-offs to make your exercise worthwhile and fulfilling. The entire rack is made from steel materials including its accessories such as the lift offs to assure you of your safety and durability of the equipment itself. Some manufacturers may include a few plastic accessories to make them smoother and lighter but sadly they always end up breaking sooner than later. Therefore, plastic materials will not guarantee your safety when included on your rack.

The assembled rack measures 46.5×45.5 x 82 inches and it weighs 117 lbs. This equipment is light enough to make its transportation easier and gives you a hassle-free time when assembling it. On the downside, its light weight means it cannot support heavy weight or if it does, it will be unstable and a bit shaky. Nevertheless, the whole structure is capable of supporting up 500 lbs and comes with a chin-up/pullup bar. However, you will be required to purchase some additional attachments like an adjustable bench, a lat pulls down attachment or even a dip attachment. Needless to say, this home gym exercise power rack under $500 is a great piece of equipment that you cannot afford to include in your budget.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a simple design
  • The whole structure is made of steel materials entirely
  • It has 23 positions
  • Can support up to 500 lbs of weight
  • It is light in weight for easy delivery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Readily affordable


  • Not very stable
  • You will need to buy other accessories separately

2. PowerLine PPR-200X Power Rack

If you are looking for a great power rack from BodySolid, then PowerLine PPR-200X Power Rack is your choice. The equipment has a broad base to offer you excellent stability and enough room for your side and side movements. The entire power rack is quality built and it has all the features that will make a difference when you start your workout. With its ability to support well up to 600 lbs. of weight, this home gym exercise power rack is an ideal investment for you.

The rack has a number of notable features with one of them being the pull-up bar to help you gain some strength faster during your workout. Also, the equipment feels stable due to its wide base which increases the surface on which it sits on firmly to keep the entire structure strong. Its knurled bar has a measurement of 41 inches wide making it more than enough for you to do different types of exercises. Just like most of the best power rack under $500, the Powerline PPR-200X Power Rack does not come with some additional equipment. As such, you will be compelled to purchase those additional equipment such as the dip extension, bench and the lat pull down to include them on your power rack.

Safe Lifting

For you to enhance your workout, you will find the 18 holes ( 3 inches apart) to be very useful when used both for lift offs and safety bars. The safety bars in this regard are heat tempered, full length and highly reliable during your workout sessions. Saber-style is a very reliable design and quite a number of fitness enthusiasts have pointed out that it is the best when it comes to supporting heavyweight. On the other hand, you may move the liftoffs along the outer side of the rail to adjust the right size and space for your workout.

With dimensions of 82x44x46 inches, this equipment can fit perfectly in your house. Even though its upright pillars are at a distance of 24 inches apart from each other, still you can have this equipment occupying little space in your home.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a wider base to make it firm
  • It can comfortably support up to 600lbs
  • The whole structure feels stable


  • The equipment is painted poorly
  • You have to buy additional accessories

3. Titan Power Rack

Are you in need of a power rack that is capable of handling serious weights? If yes, then your search should lead you to the state-of-the-art Titan Power Rack. This equipment is commonly referred to as T2 and it is designed primarily to support a weight capacity of up 700 lbs. This amount of weight is more than that for most of the power racks under the $500 price range. Of course, 700 lbs is just enough to accommodate a wider range of users unless you are a bodybuilder or a competing powerlifter.

In the real sense, the T2 was one of the first products from Titan Fitness and it has been regarded as the most successful one so far. This is due to the fact that its entire structure is made from top quality materials. This is to mean that this home gym equipment can last you a lifetime while helping you stay in shape and healthy throughout.

The equipment has 2×2 inches of the steel frame, it stands at 83 inches, 48 inches in height and has an opening of about 44 inches wide. These dimensions are enough to give you enough space to showcase your workout skills. At the same time, the dimensions allow you to keep the equipment inside your house without any difficulties. That is why it has a 48×48 inch floor space providing enough room for storage and comfortable exercising.

Convenient Plate Holders

The two weight plates holders in this rack are of great convenience to you. In essence, the two features are strategically positioned in order to increase the whole structure’s stability. For maximum flexibility, you will need to use safety bars and J-hooks for which you will have to put 2 inches apart in 28 different positions on the rack.

For a heavy person, the whole rack will shake especially when doing pull-ups. This is common when on a wooden floor and you may want to make your equipment firm by adding some weight plate holders if you want to prevent sliding. Otherwise, the Titan T2 is quite a good choice for the best power racks under $500.

Pros and Cons


  • The power rack can support up to 700 lbs.
  • It has weight holders
  • There are 28 positions for the safety bar adjustment


  • It can be a bit too shaky when performing some exercises
  • You will need to add some weight to its plate holders to prevent sliding.

4. Valor-Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Why should you choose the Valor-Fitness BD-7 Power Rack over others? Here is the answer. This exercise equipment stands out from the rest because it has a built-in lat pull, a feature that makes it be unique at that price range. Besides, this product has a foam covered bar to give you a comfortable grip and there is a low pulley station complete with plate loading carriage. In addition, there is a lat pulldown station that is fully loaded with plates to facilitate your workout on this equipment.

The solid steel chromed pull-up bar and knurled up grips will enable you to go old-school just in case you want to. However, the rack can easily support lifters well up to 350 pounds. This way, the power rack can accommodate different users by simply making necessary adjustments depending on an individual’s needs. Apart from that, the attachments on the power rack will let you work different muscle groups for outstanding results and a good physique.

Sturdy and Safe

This power rack is made out of a 12 gauge steel material which is a 2×2 in inches with dimensions of 59″Dx63″ Wx86″H. The whole power rack is sturdy and can withstand up to 500 lbs just on the outside catchers alone and 650 lbs on its inner side. The safety bar on this power rack is designed to handle 800 pounds while absorbing a greater force that is exerted by a falling barbell. The barbell can be placed in 17 different positions depending on your preference.

With its inner and outer lifts offs in place, you will find that this rack is of great convenience. This way, these features can save you from the agony of wasting your time switching the same pair repeatedly. Above all, the rack comes with four plate storage pegs to keep it firm on the floor during your exercise.

For you to reap great benefits from this power rack, you will need to go deeper in your pockets to purchase some important accessories like ropes, handles, dip handles or similar attachments. On top of that, you may include a bench to complete the whole set up for your home gym system. In the real sense, the Valor-Fitness BD-7 Power Rack is an ideal home gym power rack under $500 that you can find to be very useful when working out in your home.

Pros and Cons


  • The power rack comes with many options such as a low pulley, pull up bar or lat pull down
  • The entire structure is crafted using top quality 12 gauge steel material
  • There are plate storage pegs
  • It can support up to 650 lbs.
  • It is affordable
  • Durable
  • Can accommodate a wide range of users


  • You will be compelled to buy some additional accessories
  • The cage is not that deep for some users

5. Rep Power Rack PR-1000

The Rep Power Rack PR-1000 has what it takes to make you a fitness pro. The rack has all the essentials that you will find to be useful in one way or the other in the course of your workout. Given that the entire cage can support up to 700 lbs. of weight on just its bar hooks, you can trust that this equipment will greatly transform your workout.

When combined with the 400 lbs. on its pull up bars, this power rack will definitely give you a reason to appreciate investing your money in it. The two weight capacities are perfect for you and your family members when exercising at the comfort of your home. The equipment comes in handy with two pull up bars to choose from. One of the bars is thicker than the second one to add more tension on the grip.

Extra Wide

The Rep Power Rack PR-1000 is designed to give you plenty of room when exercising thanks to its 26 inches in depth and 44 inches wide. The dimensions will give you enough maneuverability without any problem. Despite the fact that the rack has dimensions of 83″x48″x48″, it still remains sturdy and firm all the time. Perhaps this could be attributed to its 2″x2″ square tubing made from steel materials giving it enough strength to withstand the impact from the users.

There are two rods on the power rack that store the weight plates. Normally those weight plates are used to make the whole structure stable and firm during the workout sessions. On the other hand, every fifth hole is numbered making it easier to level all the safety bars on the rack. These safety bars are chromed and extended to serve as lift-offs when you are exercising outside the power rack. This is a convenient way of loading up your barbell with enough weights before the deadlifts. Unlike most of the home gym power racks under $500, the Rep Power Rack PR-1000 boasts of plastic lined j-cups to prevent corrosion and damage.

However, you can as well purchase a few upgrades from Rep Fitness to include them on the power rack as a way of making your workout worth your effort and money. These may include the adjustable or flat benches and dip bars.

Pros and Cons


  • The rack can support up to 700 lbs.
  • It comes with two pull-up bars
  • There are weight plate storage rod
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality materials used in its design


  • Fewer upgrade options
  • No lat pull down included on this model
  • Insufficient instructions provided

Final Verdict

From the five top-pick home gym power racks, you can at least have an idea of what you should look for when purchasing your exercise equipment. Not all of them are the same but there are a few variations that make them unique and special in their own ways.

Despite the fact that these equipment are sold under $500 dollars, you should never underestimate their ability. They can give better results if only you devote your time and effort on your workout routine. After all, your success when using these machines to work out will only depend on your passion, skills and devotion.

Now that you understand the key features that are common in each and every machine, it should not be a problem for you to make the right choice. Therefore, take your time, find out more about the model you want and be on your way to transform your physique and stay fit all the time just by exercising right at home.

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