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The Best Home Gym Weight Set

The thought of working out in the comfort of your home may sound like a dream to you but in reality, it is practical. It is not a must that you join other like-minded fitness enthusiasts in the gym to achieve your goal when you can do it at home. In fact, there are many advantages to exercising at home as compared to going to the gym.

For instance, your home provides you with a safe haven to do what you want without infringing someone else’s space. Most significantly, you are your own boss and you stand a chance of saving a lot of money when you choose to exercise in your own gym, under your roof with your own equipment.

However, your home gym is not complete if you don’t have the right equipment. These exercise equipment are the foundation of your workout and without them, you will not be able to do anything serious. Unless you just want to waste your time. And one particular workout equipment that you should not even think of excluding on your wish list is the home gym weight set.

Having good quality weight sets in your home is a wise idea for those who care about their well-being. This type of workout equipment is a perfect choice especially if you are living in an apartment where space is limited. To be specific, a pair of adjustable weight sets is everything you need in order to achieve your dream of having a total body strength training right under your roof away from sweaty and crowded gyms. When combined with a folding weight bench, nothing will deter you from transforming your physical appearance.

For you to build some muscles and look physically appealing to your friends and admirers, you will need to use the right weight set. This home gym workout equipment is very essential especially for weightlifters and bodybuilders alike. Including weight sets to your exercise routine can really help in sculpting every part of your body from the shoulders all the way to your calves. As such, you should think of investing in a safe, reliable and effective weight lifting set to enable you to get that lean, toned and attractive physique that you will always be proud of when looking yourself in the mirror.

The best weight sets are known to be long lasting and customizable options for every bodybuilder or beginner athletes alike. As a matter of fact, weight lifting set is a favorite among the devoted fitness individuals. Even though some people are naturally muscular, the need to exercise routinely is important in keeping them strong, healthy and fit. You too can reap the great benefits that come with the right workout equipment such as weight set (bumper plates and cast iron weight plates) among others.

Weight sets are easy to use and are the ultimate choice for you if you truly want to builder stronger muscles while working out at home. With the right weight set, you are likely to perform a wide range of exercises for each part of your body. After all, the end result of your workout is what matters the most and when compared to any other home gym machines, lifting weight set is cheaper and quite versatile.

Your home weight sets will benefit you in many different ways. For instance, using free weights during your routine exercise at home is actually the most efficient way of building muscles as well as developing functional strength. This weight training equipment gives you that freedom of controlling your movement during your workout. This means you can engage more muscles in your body at once and this is very beneficial for your core muscles.

On the other hand, weight lifting plays a significant role in increasing your metabolism naturally hence better calorie burning. Lifting weights have been proven to be a natural cure for the condition known as osteoporosis besides enhancing your balance.
So, how do you choose the right weight sets?

Home Gym Weight Sets Buying Guide

Whether you are buying home gym weight sets for yourself, someone or your business, just know that you are making the best investment ever. High-quality weight lifting equipment-weight plates, bumper plates and cast iron weight plates-will last for a very long time while helping you to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, doing a little research and making a wise decision on this subject before settling for your ideal equipment will save you money and time in the long run. That is why you need a comprehensive guideline to enable you to make an informed decision on what you are going to buy so you get what you deserve.

Apparently, there are commercial and non-commercial weight equipment but this buying guide will dwell on home gym weight sets (non-commercial). This way you stand a better chance of benefiting from the extra build strength, durability and performance that come along with this category of exercise equipment. What do you consider when choosing the right weight sets? Let’s find out.

Factors to consider when Choosing Weight set equipment

Below I will go through some important factors to consider when choosing a weight set for your home gym. If you want to know what barbell that goes best with these, I urge you to read my guide to the best home gym barbell.

Set Your Training Goals

If you know what you want to achieve in terms of body fitness, then setting your training goals reasonably higher should be your number one priority. Once your goals are clear to you, the next form of action should be to look for the right workout equipment that will make your dreams come true.

At the same time, you may think of the long term benefits and the type of training that you are looking forward to in this regard. Whether you are looking to put on some bulk, train for strength or get a little bit leaner, a good quality weight set has you covered.

Improve Your Current Strength

Before setting out to buy your home gym equipment, you have to consider the total amount of weight necessary to create a progressive resistance. It is pointless buying a 50 kg bumper plate set if you can comfortably bench press 100kg without any difficulties. Alternatively, it is not a wise idea to go looking for heavier equipment if you don’t have a proper foundation of strength. In this case, buy what you think can help you improve your current strength.

The Amount of Weight Needed

This is a very important factor given that the whole concept of using weight sets is influenced by the amount of weight you can lift at any given time. First, you need to assess yourself and decide to buy enough weight set that will match your strength or at least have a 10 percent extra to give you an allowance for progression. Also, it will look like a wrong investment when you buy a lot of weight that will sit there idle without benefitting anyone in any way possible.

The type of Exercise you want to Perform

Despite the fact that you can do a few exercises here and there, the truth is it will not cover every muscle within your body. Therefore make your sound decision on the muscle groups you intend to be training and how you would like to train them. Once you have arrived at the right decision, it will help you in choosing the right work out equipment for you.

Availability of Space

Whether you have limited space or enough room in your home, working out should be on your mind. So, if you are looking to acquire home gym equipment, it is prudent to take the measurements of the place you want to have your workout equipment installed. Even though weight sets might be of smaller sizes, you will also have to consider where to store them in your home gym. Doing so will help you plan adequately and organize everything within the available floor space. In your plan, include some free space for your movement when exercising.

Quality of the materials used in making the equipment
Even though weight lifting equipment is crafted from strong materials, their quality should be of great concern to you. The equipment should be able to serve you better without breaking down or getting worn out within a short period of time. With this factor in your mind and having full knowledge of your max lifts, you will be able to establish the right level of your home gym weight sets.

Consider the need for other Accessories

Depending on the type of weight sets you decide to settle for, you may as well want to add a few accessories. For example, you may need a few collars for the bumper plates or cast iron weight plates. In other words, when you decide to purchase separate plates and bars then you will need collars. If there is need to protect your floor (which is a prerequisite anyway), then consider looking for equipment mats or high-quality floor guards.

Your Budget

Your budget will dictate the type of weight sets you are intending to buy for your home gym. However, making the wrong choice of your equipment can cost you a fortune not only on your financial side but also on your workout. Buying a piece of poor quality equipment will not help you in the long run even though you would have to spend less money compared to what you would spend on a good quality weight lifting equipment.

Therefore, consider the amount of money you are willing to spend before setting to acquire your ideal home gym weight set like bumper plates or cast iron weight plates among others. Your budget plays a very significant role when it comes to buying anything that benefits in your home or elsewhere. Plan carefully ahead of time before purchasing the right equipment.

The type of Weight sets for Your Home Gym

Weight lifting sets are available in various sizes and shapes with customizable weight options to choose from. They may include iron, metal or even rubber components. All these equipment are designed to help you in strength training or resistance training when working out at home. With plenty of classic and top quality home weight set options, you can never miss out on the right equipment for you.

Some of the popular types of weight sets include the cast iron plates, bumper plates, vinyl weight plates and rubber encased weights. That said, you should always be fully aware of what you are looking for in terms of weight sets before making a purchase of these home gym equipment.

Home Gym Weight Sets Review

In this review, you will find our top rated 5 weight sets in relation to each product’s price and durability for your convenience. Learn more about their in-depth reviews in the subsequent paragraphs.

1. XMax Lumberjack-7’ Bumper Plate Set

Are you looking for a perfect durable, tough and well-built weight set for your home gym? If that is the case, then your search should lead you to XMax Lumberjack-7’ Bumper Plate Set. This workout equipment is a must-have for your home gym because it is built for great performance and you can be sure of good results in a matter of days of your working out. Given that it is upgraded with top quality brass bushings, the XMax Lumberjack-7’ Bumper Plate Set is capable of providing you with a perfect spin that is only unique with this brand of weight sets.

Why should you choose XMax Lumberjack-7′ over other weight sets? Your answer should be redirected to the materials used in its construction. This is to say that the equipment is made from long lasting virgin rubber with rubber additives included to provide a rugged covering for maximum protection against the floor. Its sized center hole gives you a high-quality steel insert for a perfect fit on the bar. Another reason for using this equipment is that it comes with five recessed grips to enable you to have an easier time handling the weights. When coupled with the stainless steel precision hub, you can be sure of having an easy and secure fit on its bar.

Being our top pick, you can trust that this product will last you for a very long time while reaping its many benefits to your physique, health and boosting your strength. According to the 1972 research, using XMax Lumberjack-7’ Bumper Plate Set creates long term benefits and intense exercise for you. With its complex movements that boost maximum strength within the body, this product is well known to condition a substantial amount of power into the user. Its long term statistics show that you can gain more by exercising regularly.

If you are an expert in weight lifting then you are the right candidate for this state of the art XMax Lumberjack-7′ workout home gym equipment. This simply means that it is not built for newcomers in the game but it could be a good motivation for those looking tXMax Lumberjack-7’ Bumper Plate Seto take their exercising to the next level. Regardless of your fitness status, you can count on the well-crafted design of this equipment to help you transform your physique to something that will turn heads wherever you go.

With XMax Lumberjack-7′ excellent price point, you will not ever regret investing your money in this exercise equipment. In fact, it will give you an excellent job for your money especially if you devote your time to work out at home. And its ergonomic weight plates are the main reason why this product is increasingly becoming popular among the fitness experts.

Pros and Cons


  • Flawless bar finish and knurling for better grip
  • High quality and solid looking bar
  • Top quality weight set
  • Good price
  • Great performance
  • Outer virgin rubber for protection
  • Precision steel inserts


  • Requires smell treatment in the initial stages of its use
  • The need to buy extra accessories
  • Poor bearing

2. CAP-Barbell Premium Bumper Plates

Improve your workout at home with the CAP-Barbell Premium Bumper Plates. This powerlifting and weightlifting equipment is designed from durable rubber materials for obvious reasons; to reduce the ever distractive weight room noise. As a result, this product lets you hear your favorite music while doing your exercise and also minimizes cases of disturbing others around you or at home.

Essentially, the CAP-Barbell Premium Bumper plate is designed primarily for durability and strength. This means that the equipment can withstand drops and still serve its intended purpose of helping you shape your body and develop some muscles.

The fact that CAP-Barbell Premium Bumper is available in a number of sizes, this gives you enough reasons to have this piece of workout equipment somewhere in your home. There are five different sizes that you can choose from depending on your budget and needs. These sizes range from as little as 10-pound weight set all the way to a 45-pound weight set. You may mix and match these sizes or settle on one which works perfectly for you.

For safety reasons, you will always find the steel inserts in the plate holes to be quite handy in this regard. This feature will provide a very secure and strong fit on the bar preventing the plates from rolling along and causing accidents. At the same time, the secure fit provided by the plate holes will keep all the plates on the bar in one place even when there are no collars.

Still, on its design, the rubber exterior of this equipment gives it its aesthetic value as well as allowing you to lift the whole set without any worry of causing damage to your flooring or the plates themselves. This is due to the fact that the plates are built with tough materials to make them withstand drops. Unlike the metallic types, these plates are noiseless and they will guarantee you a quieter lifting experience throughout your work out session. Definitely, this is a great investment that you can think of especially for your home gym.

Pros and Cons


  • Rubber material to safeguard the plates and the flooring
  • Fits perfectly and securely on the bar
  • It does not smell
  • It is noiseless during the exercise
  • A perfect choice of weight sets for beginners


  • The plates are not color coded to differentiate them easily
  • The plates have a greasy feel

3. Bumper Plates Set-Virgin Rubber Olympic

Bumper Plate Set-Virgin Rubber Olympic will give you a reason to work out even more. The weight set is constructed using the virgin rubber material which is formulated for its density, durability and low bounce. All these characteristics are important especially for someone purchasing this equipment to use at home. In fact, these materials go through customer-focused manufacturing and quality control so you may have an assurance that you are investing in the highest quality bumper plates on the market.

These plates are designed to meet the needs of different people. That is why they come in different sizes starting from 10 lb. plates to 45 lbs. plates. Certainly, these are the weights that will help you achieve your workout goals in a timeless manner.

For a start, you may need to use the 10 lbs. plates to familiarize yourself with different techniques for weight lifting. As you progress, you may shift to the 23 lbs. plates or 45 lbs. depending on your skills and experience. In a nutshell, the lighter plates have very high durometer readings because they are meant to be more rigid in order to withstand the impact of being dropped. On the other side, the heavier bumper plates have a larger surface area to distribute any stress or impact when they are dropped.

The Bumper Plates Set-Virgin Rubber Olympic is workout equipment of a very high caliber. This is attributed to dense and solid rubber material used in its construction and the hooked steel inserts which make it durable and reliable during your workout sessions. Additionally, this weight lifting instrument has its bumper plates formulated to have a very low smell so they don’t smell up your home gym that much.

The bumper plates feature precision designed steel inserts to provide a very firm and snug bar fit for safety reasons. Also, the weights are designed not to break, crack or bend for duration of one year or three years of using them. In this case, you will always appreciate investing your money and time in the Bumper Plates Set-Virgin Rubber Olympic for your home gym.

Pros and Cons


  • The plates have a thin width
  • Extremely accurate weighing
  • Very hard wearing materials used in the constriction of the plates
  • Quality plates for your money


  • Irregular sizes
  • Center holes are too small
  • Noticeable odor

4. Ader Sports-Black Olympic Plates

Take your weight lifting exercise in your home gym to the next level with the stylish Ader Sports-Black Olympic Plates. These plates are of very high quality and are characterized by their stylish back satin metallic materials making them unique but quite effective when exercising at home using them. On the plates, you will find clearly written letters and numbers to help you choose the right plate for your workout.

The centers on these plates are precision drilled to 2 inches and carefully fitted well using a metal sleeve to make the fit on the bar firm and safe for you. This is one safety measure that Ader Sports-Black Olympics has applied to give you your peace of mind while working out in order to keep yourself fit and strong as you age gracefully. Alternatively, the flat sides on the plates have been machine milled to make the whole thing smooth and safe when handling it. And the ridges on the sides have been included to allow you to handle the plates or carry them without much of a hassle.

The accuracy of Ader Sports-Black Olympic is quite amazing. Its accuracy lies within the 1 percent of the total weight stated clearly on the plate. In fact, these are some of the few weights that can go as low as 1 ¼ pound. This feature is ideal in allowing you to do some micro-loading to have your poundage go up. In essence, this is a great advantage to you when using this valuable weight set in your home gym.

Pros and Cons


  • Black satin finish
  • Capable of micro-loading (as low as 1 ¼ pound)
  • Outer ridges make it easy to handle the plates
  • Readily affordable
  • Durable
  • Plain and simple in design


  • There is a slight weight variance
  • It is sometimes inaccurate
  • Issues of non-functional as stated by a number of users

5. York-Legacy Iron Plates

Old is gold and York-Legacy Iron Plates weight sets give you a reason to back in time and discover how it was like working out in the ’60s. In reality, these weight lifting equipment are just special in their own way as the name suggests. Actually, they are a throwback to what was commonly known as the classic York barbell that fitness pros found useful some decades ago. Therefore, you will equally enjoy working out using this product in the same manner as those fitness experts back in those days.

Being a true replica of the York Olympic (original) standard weight, these iron plates give you reasons to smile on your way to your home gym after a long day in office. The plates are carefully precision milled to about 2 percent of the indicated weight. With the indent included on the lip, you can easily carry the weight from one place to another or fix it without struggling too much. Such unique features on York-Legacy Iron Plates save you time and energy while keeping you safe all the time. In addition to that, the fit on the bar is snug as well as true to the precision drilled holes at the center to provide you with the much-needed accuracy.

For its design, the York-Legacy Iron Plate features a distinctive white “YORK Olympic Standard Barbell” lettering that is visible on its face. The set of plates come in various sizes such as 2.5 lbs., 5 lbs., 10 lbs., 25 lbs., 35 lbs., 45 lbs. and 100 lbs. increments to choose from. Each type of plate is sold individually and this can give you an option of choosing to spend your money on what will work well for you. Therefore, spending your money on this home gym weight set will be a wise idea given that you will have a great opportunity of keeping yourself fit and healthy for a very long time.

Pros and Cons


  • The whole set has the original York Legacy Barbell Design
  • The plates are easy to carry
  • Precision Milled
  • Beautiful plates that are clearly labeled
  • Great quality and standardized plates


  • It is costly
  • Not very precision

Final Verdict

As you have seen, you do not need a lot of space in your home for you to work out. All you need is the right attitude, time and the best home gym equipment to have complete body strength training. And training at home is a good idea especially if your schedule does not give you time to go to the gym.

In this regard, you should not have any reasons as to why you cannot engage in any of the fitness activities that can benefit you. That is why purchasing a weight set is a noble idea for anyone looking to have a long-term investment that comes with a lot of rewards. These rewards include burning your fat, building muscles and working toward enhancing your appearance.

It doesn’t matter where you are living provided that you can have some space to achieve your weight lifting goals. Likewise, you don’t have to invest in expensive home gym equipment when you can acquire good quality exercising equipment to serve the same purpose in the comfort of your home. Weight sets are actually the best choice for you if you are really serious about weight training to keep yourself fit and healthy throughout.

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