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The Best Home Gym Exercise Bike Under 500 dollars

Staying physically fit is not as easy as some people would want you to believe. It takes time, effort and sacrifice to achieve the best results. Remember, o pain, no gain’. But what matters the most is the output, not the pain experienced in the course of your struggle to lose weight and attain that wonderful physique.

If weight loss is your primary goal, please see my guide to the best exercise machines to lose weight at home.

There are different forms of exercises and each is tailored towards making you look great while keeping you fit and healthy. From jogging to swimming and gyming to aerobics all the way to biking among others, there’s always something to fall back to. In this regard, we shall narrow our views to home gym exercise bikes to give you a clear picture of what it takes to keep yourself fit while indoors.

Best exercise bike under 500
Finding the best exercise bike under $500 is often easier said than done.

Finding the best home gym exercise bike is yet another exercise on its own. However, it all depends on various factors including your preferences, fitness goals, and body. The factors come first even before deciding to choose which type of exercise bikes you want to use when working out. You may choose between the spin bikes and stationary bikes to help you enjoy those unique rides and exercise benefits.

On the other hand, you may opt to attend spin classes but the thought of spending a lot of time away from your home can be an unpleasant one. Also, you will dislike the idea of working out in a dark, loud room with sweaty strangers around you. If you are an introvert then such an environment is not meant for you. Instead, you can enjoy your rides at the comfort of your home without getting worried about some strangers staring at what you are doing.

Riding alone and in the confines of your home can really be fulfilled given that everything will be within your pace. At least you will feel relaxed and comfortable riding alone in your personal gym around your home. Your gym should be able to give you a cardio option for better results. For instance, if you hate running, you can find riding your spin bike or stationary home gym exercise bike to be the best idea that will keep you away from treadmills entirely.

Before taking the next step in acquiring your home gym exercise bike, there are factors to look into. These factors will help you to settle on the right bike that will take your workout to the next level. That being said, let’s briefly have a look at some of these factors that will help you choose your ideal exercise bike.

Top Brands

The first thing to consider is the brand of your dream exercise bike. There are numerous brand names on the market and each has its own unique features that attract potential buyers. Some of the top brands that you are likely to encounter on your search include Diamondback, Blades, Keiser, NordicTrack, Nautilus, Peloton, ProForm, Spinning, Schwinn, and Sunny Health among others. These are the names worth mentioning when it comes to exercise bikes on the market today. Their choice was influenced by the technology used, a range of engineering and price points.

Flywheel Weight

A flywheel on your exercise bike will greatly determine the amount of resistance you will encounter in the course of working out. Normally the resistance mechanism in a normal bike is brought about by natural phenomena such as wind, changing terrain and the incline. However, there are two types of resistance for the exercise bikes and each is directly related to the weighted flywheels. The first type of resistance relies heavily on the heavy flywheel while the second type stimulates weight by simply pulling on a metal flywheel with the help of powerful magnets.

Starting with the spin home exercise bikes, the resistance used is generated by flywheels weighing up to 50 pounds. This means the resistance on a spin bike is as great as the weight of the flywheel. In most cases, a flywheel stores the rotational energy within the bike. The faster you ride the more resistance you experience as you keep on pedaling at that particular speed. For a spin bike, it is a sound idea to consider a model with a heavy flywheel not weighing less than 30 pounds.

For stationary bikes, a lot of priority is given to the ride smoothness over the intensity. In this type of exercise bikes, much of the resistance is generated through magnetic braking and this requires electricity to operate them. In essence, electricity provides enough power for automatic resistance levelling as well as programming workouts. This mode of operation makes mechanical parts within the stationary exercise bikes to remain silent and unstressed. This way, your ride will be smoother and consistent throughout.

Unlike the spin exercise bikes where you are required to provide power for your resistance, stationary bikes don’t operate that way hence their workouts are not much intensive. In fact, their flywheels weigh far less but you are advised to look for one that weighs not less than 20 pounds.


The spin and stationary bikes are not that different in terms of their programming. On top of that their standards are surprisingly similar when it comes to workouts.

To begin with, spin exercise bikes are a little bit simpler in design and a number of them don’t require plugging in. Instead, you can just make adjustments manually and programming is limited. This is not the case with stationary exercise bikes. Unlike spinning, stationary bikes have no option to make a change in your positioning or taking off during the impromptu sprints.


Luckily for you, most of the home gym exercise bikes come with an extended warranty to give you peace of mind. The warranty is given to these exercise equipment as a backup for durability. Spin bikes come with shorter warranties than other models of bikes. The warranty covers the first three years for the parts and an additional year for labor. On the other hand, the stationary bikes, which are actually costly and complicated in their design, have longer warranties. Their warranty can extend as long as five years covering the parts and an additional year for labor.

Spin Exercise Bikes with Belts

Spin bikes are designed to make you handle the hardest part of your workout. But there are some aspects of your workout on a spin bike that should be effortless. That is why there are numerous spin bikes with smooth rides without grinding sounds or vibrating sensations. Such bikes are designed with heavy flywheels to help you in making smooth rides during your workout sessions.

In addition to that, these favorite workout bikes comprise of belts rather than the use of chains when connecting pedal movement to the rotary motion of the flywheel. Between the two drive systems, it has been established that the chain is cheaper and old-fashioned in comparison to the belt types. With the belt drive system, you are sure of a smoother and quieter ride all the time. The only downside that comes with the belt is the need to replace it when it stretches out.

From the factors highlighted above, you can easily find your perfect home gym exercise bike. What is important in this regard is the cost and model of the bikes but that should not worry you any more. As a matter of fact, these bikes come in different sizes and of course, different prices. At least there is something for everyone. This brings us to the best exercise bikes under $ 500. This amount is affordable and the bikes have all the best attributes that will make your workout worth your money and effort.

The Best Exercise Bikes Under $500

1. Schwinn 170-Upright Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a mid-priced bike that comes with many wonderful features and solid quality, then your search should direct you to Schwinn 170-Upright Exercise Bike. In fact, this home exercise bike is a perfect choice for you if you are familiar with riding bicycles. The bike will provide you with a low impact cardiovascular workout as well as a low impact on the joints.

Why should you think of owning this bike? Well, Schwinn 170 is designed with a balanced flywheel to create a secure, vibration-free and quiet workout. In addition to that, the bike has a 25 level ECB magnetic resistance to facilitate your workout. The bike boasts of ten resistance quick keys that start off from easy all the way to hard.

Schwinn 170 comes in handy with 29 programs (12 profiles, 9 for your heart-rate control, 4 for the custom user-defined, 2 for fitness tests, 1 for the recovery and another 1 for a quick start) and many more features. However, the bike has a walk-through frame that provides you with the easiest access to mount or dismount.

Still, on Schwinn 170, you will find its padded and contoured seat to be very comfortable especially during the rides. The additional forearm pads are included on the handlebars to give you a comfortable grip while exercising.

Schwinn 170 is also a modern bike with dual functioning LCD window systems to allow you to view up to 13 display feedbacks when working out. This new model comes complete with a backlit screen. At some point, this equipment lets you keep track of your workout progress and also helps you download important data to your USB drive via Schwinn Connect website.

If you are a music lover, the integrated speakers and sound system on this bike will keep you immersed in the world of music as you work out. All you will have to do is to connect your smartphone, iPod or MP3 player and you are good to go.

As if that is not enough, the pulse grip heart-rate and the telemetry monitoring will help you see your workout progress as well. Should you find yourself worried about sweating, then the 3-speed workout fans will keep you cool and fresh in the course of your workout. Finally, the built-in Bluetooth will link your smartphone or tablet with the Schwinn Apps or other Fitness Apps for your workout guidance.


  • The bike is sturdy and quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great RideSocial app
  • Smooth rides
  • Plenty of resistance for a better workout
  • Comfortable to use


  • May require technical skills to make some adjustments
  • The display is too bright and not adjustable
  • Cases of electronic malfunction have been reported by users

2. Sunny Health & Fitness-SF-B1002

When you think of an indoor home gym exercising bike that is highly rated and has a drive belt for smoother, quieter rides, then Sunny Health & Fitness-SF-B1002 should be on your wish list. This low-priced state of the art bike comes with many awesome features and its quality is unmatched.

The model features top quality upgraded belt drive that will assure you of a smooth ride during your exercising period. On top of that, you will find its heavy front flywheel to be quite efficient when riding this bike. No wonder Sunny Health & Fitness-SF-B1002 is a cycling bike of choice in a number of gyms.

When working out with Sunny Health & Fitness-B1002, you will be assured of getting that same feel as taking your rides on the road using a bicycle. Apparently, this indoor exercising bike is designed to give you an excellent cardiovascular workout that is coupled with a low impact on the joints. The bikes 49 lb. flywheel creates for you a quiet, secure and vibration free workout. Besides, you will find the adjustable resistance to be more practical in stimulating the actual riding. Additionally, you will experience variable resistance through the tension knob and when pressing down the bike’sbraking system.

For a perfect fit, you can count on the bike’s padded seat and its handlebars which are fully adjustable and comfortable. The heavy-duty steel frame and the transportation wheels are included to facilitate relocation from one point to the other.

This model suits the needs of all different people thanks to its total user weight of 275 lbs. Apart from that, there are toe straps to hold your feet in place when riding and this is one of the safety measures that come with the Sunny Health-SF-B1002. Generally, this model is one of the top picks for indoor exercise and bike workout.


  • The bike can be used with a Peloton App
  • Very smooth rides
  • Heavy and solid for stability
  • Readily affordable
  • Built for different people


  • It doesn’t have a forward or backward handlebar adjustment
  • Inconsistent resistance
  • It has a near-fatal flaw

3. Schwinn MY-16 230 Recumbent Bike

The new Schwinn MY-16 230 Recumbent Bike is built to meet everyone’s needs. This is actually a cheap model that you can comfortably use in the comfort of your home for your workout. Just like the rest of the home gym exercise bikes, the Schwinn MY-16 230 Recumbent Bike comes with the best features and solid quality that you can rely on.

With its back seat support, you will find it comfortable riding this bike without risking back pains afterwards. Also, the bike has an easier mount that is designed for convenience and comfortability. At the same time, you will benefit more from the low cardiovascular workout that this bike will subject you go along with a lower impact on your joints.

The balanced flywheel on the bike creates a very secure, vibration-free and quiet workout leaving you focused throughout. The 20 levels of ECB magnetic resistance give you the best and quiet mode of resistance when working out. Besides, there are about 10 resistance quick keys that are designed to enable you to go from easy to hard within the shortest time possible.

Schwinn MY-16 230 Recumbent has two integrated levers and large mid-frame support that will provide you with a stable and solid bike platform to keep you balanced. This model has two LCD window systems to let you enjoy viewing 13 different display feedbacks while keeping track of your workout progress. Just like other models under Schwinn, this one allows you to download useful data to the USB drive via Schwinn Connect Website. Other features of great interest on this model include integrated speakers, pulse grip heart rate and three-speed workout fans to keep you cool and comfortable during your riding session.


  • You will enjoy smooth rides
  • Very stable and easy to operate
  • Several workout programs to choose from
  • Low impact on the knees
  • Easy to adjust
  • Two LCD monitors to help you keep track of your exercise
  • Easy to assemble


  • It only allows you to save up to 2 profiles
  • Uncomfortable plastic seat
  • The LCD display is dull

4. L NOW Upright-Bike Magnetic Resistance D808

Are you in need of a smooth and quiet indoor workout bike? L NOW Upright-Bike Magnetic Resistance D808 gives you a reason to smile while exercising indoors. This model makes your riding enjoyable, exciting and effective while working out. All these are attributed to the magnetic resistance and the inclusion of the belt drive system making you enjoy doing your exercise without bothering anyone around you.

With its full handlebar and seat adjustment, you can be sure of a completely customizable experience from L NOW Upright-Bike Magnetic Resistance D808. This experience will certainly give you ultimate user compatibility and comfort that you deserve when exercising.

Away from that, you will find the metal bottle holder to be of great convenience for you where you will have to sip your favorite drink without interrupting your session. After all, you will discover that your long-term ride won’t be boring anymore. And when moving it to another position, you will need less effort thanks to the transportation wheels that make your work easier.

When it comes to the handlebars, the designers of this great exercise bike lay their emphasis on the aspect of comfort. Whether you are working out in a standing position or sitting, the handlebars will give you that maximum comfort that will motivate you to exercise even longer than you ever thought.

From the handlebars, you should shift your attention to the monitor. This is an area that you will find to be more useful. The screen will monitor your speed, calories used, the time taken, distance covered, heart rate and odometer. Most importantly, you will find it easier to read all digits on the screen as you ride your bike without straining your eyes.

With L NOW Upright-Bike Magnetic Resistance D808, you will never get bored. This is due to the fact that entertainment has been included in the design to keep you immersed in a virtual world of music and at the same time, working out in the real world. It is just like killing two birds with a single stone. By placing your iPad, notebook, smartphone or any other form of entertainment right on the holder, nothing will prevent you from enjoying your ride while entertaining yourself.

Most significantly, this bike has eight level magnetic tension controls to fit in your exercise demand. You may choose a different level to achieve a completely different training effect. Other notable features of great interest are the tough pedals, horizontal adjustments and wonderful exterior design.


  • The bike is user-friendly
  • It is stylish
  • Nicely built
  • Has the best magnetic upright for its price
  • It is a silent bike
  • Easy to read electronic data monitor


  • A little challenge when assembling the bike
  • Lack of graphics panel instructions
  • It doesn’t have a tough resistance for an effective workout

5. Exerpeutic 2000 High-Capacity-Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 2000 Bike is capable of handling up to 300lbs weight capacity. Of course, this is a perfect weight capacity that can possibly accommodate a large number of people. With its wide ir Soft’ seat, the bike can give you that maximum comfort that is necessary during your riding sessions.

The six preset workout programs and eight-level magnetic resistance are the two most important features included in the design to help you overcome any challenging workouts. Additionally, the hand pulse sensor pads play a critical role in ensuring that your heart rate is monitored closely. For your safety, you will find larger pedals complete with safety straps very important in preventing your feet from slipping when exercising. And the seats are primarily designed to make the workout feel timeless and give you an extraordinary comfort with some relaxation.

The Exerpeutic 2000 Bike Model is designed with cutting-edge technology to help you exercise more efficiently in order to get better results. This machine is a perfect choice for home use exercise and you can still combine it with other equipment like treadmills, upright bikes, ellipticals and training cycles to achieve your workout goals faster.

Its 3 inch thick seat is constructed using individual air chambers that act as shock absorbers while dispersing your weight evenly. Moreover, the seat the uses of a high technology honeycombs mesh at the sides with a PVC weave cushion at the top to increase the flow of air for maximum comfort.

This bike has more than meets the eyes and this is evident in its six preset workout programs which provide you with the with distance, time, RPM, calories, watts and your heart rate readout. Furthermore, the computer on the bike comes with a built-in tablet holder to serve the purpose of holding your hand-held devices, books and documents.

A large contoured backrest with the elbow pads come in handy to provide you with some comfort on your back and support to your arms when exercising. When combined with the hand pulse sensors, you can easily monitor your heart rate as you progress from one step of your work out to the next. In general, you will find other additional features such as the tep thru’ designs, 8-lever magnetic tension systems and transportation wheels to be of great convenience whenever you are riding the Exerpeutic 2000 Bike High-Capacity-Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike.


  • The bike has a soft seat to keep you comfortable throughout
  • It has all the necessary safety measures
  • A very silent bike
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Suitable for all family members


  • There is a tendency for the control unit to develop some problems
  • Seats are somehow unstable
  • The mounting point is not up to standard

6. Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic-Recumbent Bike

If your dream is to own a home gym exercise bike under $500 with a 12 workout program, then the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic-Recumbent Bike should make your dream come true. The bike is designed to handle up to 325 lbs. user weight capacity. This means that this exercise machine is capable to meet different people’s needs.

With an addition of the ir Soft’ seat, the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic-Recumbent Bike can guarantee you maximum comfort when working out. Also, the seat is over-sized and it is a generous 3-inch thick aerodynamic air flow feature that will assure you of a timeless workout with amazing results. Just like a few other exercise bikes, the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic-Recumbent has a holder where you can place your hand-held devices, books or magazines to read during the exercise process.

This exercise bike has what it takes to transform your appearance in a matter of days. Its programmable computer, the contoured mesh backseat, magnetic resistance control, and hand pulse sensors (for your heart rate) are all latest features that are included to make your exercise worthwhile.

The precision balanced flywheel along with the V belt drive system will provide you with a smoother and quieter pedaling motion that is necessary to determine the outcome of your workout. When combined with its pen step in’ design, this home gym exercise bike will give you a very easy on and off capability.

Most significantly, the bike comes fully equipped with a 12-workout programmable computer to make everything absolutely easy for you. From the reading of the distance covered to telling you the time spent and counting the RPM made to establishing the watts consumed all the way to monitor your heart rate, this bike has you covered in all angles. In addition, there is 4 individual settings, 7 training modes and a 24 level magnetic tension system all tailored to suit your workout needs. The computer console, however, comes with an adjustable latch that will securely keep your hand-held devices like mobile phones and tablets for you.

The arm support and the elbow rest pads play a crucial role too. It is obvious that you will need to support yourself when exercising and the need to keep you comfort necessitated the inclusion of the two mentioned important features. In fact, these parts are designed to look like an office chair style arms support complete with elbow rest pads for maximum comfort while making your workout sessions timeless.

Needless to say, the comfortable mesh backseat is ideal in reducing stress on your back. During your workout, this feature will keep you going even longer than you expected by providing you with real comfort as you advance in your exercises.

Despite its enormous weight capacity, this home gym exercise bike gives you a chance to move it from one place to the other. You can achieve this near-impossible feat by the help of the transportation wheels included in its design for easy relocation from room to room.


  • The bike gives you excellent value for its price range
  • It is durable
  • Comfortable and quality product
  • Avery quiet and efficient bike
  • Not too heavy to relocate it
  • Multiple programs work great
  • The assembly instructions are well explained


  • Pedals may pose some problems if not tightened properly
  • The setup on this bike is laborious
  • Adjusting the seat could be problematic

Final Verdict

Home gym exercise bikes are great workout equipment that will give you better results within a short time. With the presence of different bikes on the market, you cannot miss out on the right bike for your needs. You may choose from the spin bikes or settle for the stationary bikes depending on what you want in terms of features and price. Every brand has its own unique features but the choice of your ideal home gym exercise bike depends majorly on what you want to achieve and your budget in general.

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