The Best Home Gym Barbell 2019

Setting up your own home gym is a noble idea and it shows that you value your health and appearance at the same time. But your gym will not be complete without equipping it with the right exercising equipment. These essential items come in various categories in relation to the type of exercising they are designed for.

While some will help you in strength training, others will play a crucial role in developing your muscles, burning excess fat, improving your metabolism and so on. The bottom line remains that every equipment is designed to help you improve your physique and stay healthy.

But there are underlying reasons as to why scores enroll in gyms. in most cases, these fitness enthusiasts are influenced by their peers, those they idol or they just have the urge to look better than their counterparts in their neighborhoods. Whichever the case, the benefits that come with working out outweigh the pain and sweat that one has to experience to achieve their goals. Well, no pain no gain but the pain can be minimal with the right exercise equipment. In this regard, your attention should shift to the best home gym barbells which are famous for reigning supreme for all categories of strength training exercises.

As more and more people show their interest in strength training, the demand for home gym barbells goes up. As such, the demand has driven most of the fitness companies to come up with all types of barbells.

These vital gym equipment come in different sizes, shapes and lengths. Such oddly shaped bars are designed to add variety to the training and a number of fitness experts seem to respond well with the ever-changing designs for different outcomes. Besides creating a huge impact on the training, these items supplement big lifts and in most cases, allow weightlifters to work around certain limitations or injuries.

It is no wonder when looking around any well-equipped gym you will come across different types of barbells. For instance, you will not fail to notice a powerlifting barbell in one corner or an Olympic barbell in use next to you and even a CrossFit barbell next to a safety squat bar, a curl bar or a trap bar. All these equipment have a huge potential of taking your workout to the next level if you use them appropriately in your home gym. By investing in them, you will be making a big difference in keeping yourself fit.

Having barbells in your home gym is one thing but choosing the right one is yet another thing. So, what happens when you choose the wrong bar? Well, choosing a wrong barbell can mean something else. First, the bar may fail to hold up well under certain weights that you might want to lift without forcing it to warp. The warping will render your bar useless by causing an imbalance even if you use the right weights on it.

Another problem that may arise when you take a wrong bar is that it may be too heavily knurled to the point of tearing up your hands. Alternatively, the bar may not be knurled enough to give you a better grip.

Finally, choosing the wrong bar may not go well with your style of lifting. That is why it is important to be fully acquainted with every barbell and how they are used. Olympic lifters, powerlifters, heavy lifters, crossFitters and all casual strength trainers are designed for different needs and they work perfectly well with specific barbells to suit their sport best.

What do you Consider When Choosing Your Home Gym Barbells?

There are factors that will help you in choosing the right barbell for your home gym so you may not land on something that will not work for you. Some of these factors are as follows:


When it comes to selecting the best barbells for your home, you definitely get what you’ve paid for. A good barbell diameter should be about 28mm to give you a nice grip on the bar. More often than not you will come across thicker bars which might not work well for you. Such bars are crafted from low-grade steel materials which is why they are thicker than the standard ones, making the grip a challenging factor for many users. Take your time and check every detail that a good barbell should have before making up your mind to buy it.

Tensile Strength

This is the strength required to pull the steel apart. It is normally measured in pounds and it is determined by the pressure exerted per square inch (PSI). The higher the pressure per inch the stronger the metal is. Given that barbells are meant to hold weights, it is important that you consider the materials they are made of. A weak barbell will not serve you as required but instead, it will pose some serious risks on your safety.


The coating on a barbell is a good factor that you should never ignore. This is what keeps the barbell free of corrosion and dust and at some point, it adds grip. Most of the Olympic barbells have one coating on the bar section and another different coating on the sleeves. This is the case because your hands will affect the barbell differently unlike weights hence the need for different applications. There are different types of coatings used on barbells and each type has its own unique characteristics. Examples of the commonly used coatings on bars include:

  • Bare steel – The worst
  • Black oxide – OK
  • Chrome – Better
  • Black Zinc/bright zinc – Better
  • Manganese Phosphate – Even better
  • Cerakote – The best
  • Top quality stainless steel- The Best

The Sleeves: Bearings and Bushings

Weightlifting bars that are mostly dropped are a good choice because they use a needle bearing system and not the bushing system. Bearings are known to be more freely, unlike bushings which are at risk of being crushed and damaged from frequent drops to the floor. On the other hand, barbells that cannot withstand dropping more often use bushings exclusively.

Bar Diameter

As mentioned earlier, top quality Olympic barbells have bars that are 28mm in diameter. This is an ideal width to give you a good grip as well as a decent whip. Power bars, however, are made with larger diameters such as 30mm making them stiffer, less flexible and as a result, less whip. On the contrary, you should be on the watch out for cheaper barbells which have thicker diameters to compensate for the low-quality steel.

Different Types of Bars

Just by looking at barbells stacked somewhere in a rack you will not be able to tell their differences. Apparently, there is the Olympic barbell and the Standard barbell. The two categories have close similarities but when you look at them closely, you will see the emerging differences. For you to differentiate them, you need to compare them based on their sizes, weight capacity, stability, and sleeves among other factors. However, the Olympic type of barbells take all the best attributes in terms of functionality, size and performance. Here are the examples of the most popular barbells used today with fitness experts:

The Standard Bar

  • Squat bar
  • Deadlift bar
  • Bench press bar

Olympic Bar

They are special in the sense that they are designed for competition during the Olympic games. This weightlifting and powerlifting equipment enhance performance and minimize cases of injuries. Their design is different due to the dynamic nature of Olympic sports.

Trap Bar

Also known as hex bar, due to its shape, the Trap bar allows you to take your position right in the middle of the bar for deadlift exercises.

Safety squat Bars

These are specially designed bars and have rms’ with thick paddings where the bar itself rests. During the exercise, the bar sits comfortably on your shoulders and neck and still allows you to hold onto the bars when working out.

Cambered Bar

This is a unique type of bar hence the name ambered. It gives options to train your squats while challenging your posterior muscles as well as your stability. However, the bar is suitable for advanced weightlifters but you can as well include it among your home gym workout equipment.

Swiss Bar

This bar is designed primarily for the traditional upper body exercises like rowing, pressing, triceps extensions and curling. Also, the bar gives you an option of a neutral grip thus making all these workouts to be shoulder friendly and a better choice for anyone with shoulder problems.

Another option for rowing is investing in a home gym machine specifically built for this purpose: the rowing machine. Tip: I have written an article on the best home gym rowing machines that you can buy for less than 500 dollars.

Curl Bar or EZ-Bar

The curl bar is designed specifically for doing more comfortable biceps curls and triceps extension exercises.

Atlas Bars

These are ergonomic grip bars that consist of closely spaced parallel bars. This type of bar can take the form of a dumbbell, barbell or even cable /machine attachment. Besides helping you build some muscles, the device can also assist you in doing squats.

Now that you are fully aware of the different types of barbells used in strength training, it will be easier for you to choose the category that suits your needs. All these devices are designed to make your workout worthwhile and give you timeless results. Therefore, the following review of the best barbell under $200 will narrow your views on the most affordable barbells for your home gym.

The Best Barbells under $200 Review

You don’t have to equip your home gym with the most expensive barbells for you to achieve your goals. While these equipment are essential when it comes to working out, the good news is that there are those that are pocket-friendly and equally effective when used properly. Needless to say, you can acquire good quality barbells under $200 and still serve you better. In this case, we’ve handpicked for you five of the best barbells in the following review so you may decide on which to pick for your gym.

Comparison Chart

Titan Atlas

If your home has limited space, then the Titan Atlas should be the right barbell for your gym. This Olympic barbell is geared towards being compact and convenient for you and the available space in your home gym.

With the bar length of 60 inches and the sleeve length of about 10.75 inches, the Titan Atlas comes out as an ideal barbell for those looking to enhance their weight lifting skills. In fact, this device has a grip diameter of 28.5 mm making it an effective home gym equipment that can withstand as high as 220,000 PSI( tensile strength). This amount is proof enough that Titan Atlas is built for the purpose of strength training for both the beginners and experts alike.

Titan Atlas is crafted from the heavy-duty steel material and coated with high-quality chrome to give it a really pleasant finish. The entire structure was designed to hold up 500lb and you can be pretty sure that you will achieve your workout objective using this equipment. Given that the main shaft comprises of diamond knurling handles, this device allows you to have a good grip that will help you overcome slippage issues however heavy it may feel. This way, you will be able to do your maxing out on deadlifts, benches and more.

Therefore, if you are one of those fitness diehards hunting up and down for an affordable Olympic barbell, Titan Atlas will not disappoint you whatsoever. The device has what it takes to make it the most sought-after barbell for those who understand the need to keep themselves fit and healthy. The collars on this device will provide you with good spin and the bar will assure you of a good solid feel to motivate you into working even more. All these qualities make Titan Atlas be the first choice for those with gyms in their homes.

It is worth mentioning that if you are those people with a super wide grip, the 60-inch bar may not work well for you when performing certain lifts. But this does not mean that the device is only for those with a normal grip. You can still use it to perform other simple lifts and get good results. For instance, you can find a much comfortable width using the same device and make moves such as deadlifts and rows with plenty of space left between your hands and collars. Otherwise, Titan Atlas is really an ideal barbell that can help you take your strength training to the next level.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 500 lbs. maximum lift capacity
  • The bar weighs 25 lbs.
  • The length of the bar is 60 inches or 5-feet
  • Its bar is made of the steel material to give it enough tensile strength
  • Chrome finish
  • It has a diamond knurled surface for better grips


  • It may not be a good choice for users with a wider stance
  • The chrome finish is likely to peel off from the bar


Titan Atlas is one of the most preferred Olympic barbell set if you are a beginner with a lower budget.

Rep Sabre

Rep Sabre Olympic bar from Rep Fitness is a must-have for your home gym and it is just under $200. Definitely, you cannot have any excuse of missing out on this classic Olympic barbell if at all you want to experience the magic it brings to your weightlifting exercise. As a matter of fact, fitness experts have time and again claimed that Rep Sabre Olympic Bar is the best for squats, benching and deadlifts including a few Olympic moves. Perhaps their claim could be true given that this equipment boasts of superior features that you can’t afford to ignore.

The bar has a total weight of 44 lbs. and it is designed to withstand a load of 1000 lbs. It has a tensile strength of 150,000 PSI with yield strength of 120,000 PSI making it a good choice for your home gym. These figures should give you no worries regarding any cases of the bar buckling when subjected to extreme weight loads.

With a total bar length of 86 inches, two loadable sleeves (of 16 inches) and a diameter of 28mm, Rep Sabre Olympic bar has what it takes to find its way in your gym. In addition to that, the bushings create a smooth sleeve rotation making your training a hassle-free affair. These features will actually help you transform your physique and make you stronger than before.

Most significantly, Rep Sabre has some specification for female strength trainers and if you are one of those, then you should consider yourself to be fully covered. This equipment offers a slightly lighter and manageable weight of 33 lbs. with a smaller circumference of 25mm for female weightlifters. At least it caters for the needs of everyone.

When it comes to finishing, the manufacturers decided to use black zinc coating because of its qualities which go hand in hand with the weightlifting. Black zinc coating, however, is a good finish for the simple reason of providing you with the much-needed grip and resisting rust. Also, this finish is easy to maintain.

The collars on this device spin smooth while the knurls are not too aggressive on your hands making it appeal to the beginners and intermediates alike. The fact that Rep Sabre is one of the best barbells under $200 for your home gym, fitness experts are of the opinion that spending your dollars on this workout equipment is worth it. But there is one thing that makes people skeptical about Rep Sabre Olympic bar and this is its tendency to vibrate when performing deadlifts. Above all, this item is quite handy for strength training for both men and women and you can comfortably use it in your home gym without any issues arising.

Pros and Cons


  • The maximum lift capacity is 1000lbs
  • The bar weighs 44 lbs.
  • It has 150,000 tensile strength and 120,000 yield strength
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • It is coated with zinc
  • The snap-rings with bushings
  • It is 86 inches in length
  • There’s women’s version as well
  • Dual knurl markings


  • Some vibrations when performing deadlifts
  • Knurls are not deep enough for a firm grip


This is a piece of excellent workout equipment for bench work, CrossFit, and deadlifts for just under $200.

CAP OB-86B Beast

Are you looking for an exceptional bar that offers high-end features at an affordable price? If that is the case then your choice should be CAP OB Beast. You can consider this strength training gym equipment to be your viable option among the best barbells under $200 for your home gym. This is a bar that is designed to take on heavy loads while giving you long-lasting performance.

The CAP OB-86B Beast is not just an Olympic bar but it is a multipurpose bar or a power bar for those who are looking to build a few muscles and enhance their lifting strength. The equipment comes with the best specifications for a barbell this inexpensive.

To begin with, its knurl is surprisingly nice and quite comfortable for your touch. Additionally, it has an adequate depth to give you a firm grip even when you are doing a couple of heavy pulls. And its knurl pattern is really amazing.

In terms of its notable features, the bar weighs up to 44 lbs. and it is capable of carrying a maximum weight capacity of 1200 lbs. Its length is 86 inches with the bar diameter of 28.5mm. When combined, these features enable you to do your moves without worrying about injuries on your side. The sleeves on the CAP OB-86B are carefully crafted to swivel easily in order to alleviate pressure on your wrists.

The bar’s main section has a black zinc phosphate finish that is highly durable, resistant to rust, and corrosion. This means you can use this weightlifting equipment in any weather condition without it getting corroded or rusted thus rendering it ineffective or unfit for use in your gym. Also, the polished steel sleeves are included to serve its main purpose as well as giving the whole equipment its aesthetic value.

The equipment comes in six different but special custom coatings with funky colors to choose from. This gives you an option to settle for the color that appeals to you the most. On the other hand, the equipment has been tested and verified to be very handy in everything ranging from squats to bench all the way to having a substantial amount of whip for cleans among others.

Pro and Cons


  • It can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 1,200 lbs.
  • The bar weighs 44 lbs. and it is 86 inches in length
  • Accu-coat finish
  • Bar materials are made from steel
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Snap clip sleeve
  • The bar has a medium depth diamond knurl pattern for better grip
  • Six different color options to choose from


  • There is a tendency of the grooved sleeves shredding when weights are loaded
  • A number of users have experienced the bar bending when under the maximum weight
  • Metal splinters on the hands when working out


This is heavy duty weight lifting equipment for heavy strength training and powerlifting at a reasonable price.

Fringe Wonder Bar

The Fringe Wonder Bar gives you unmatched value in both the unbeatable customer services and performance per dollar spent on it. This weight lifting equipment has all the features that qualify it to be among the best barbells under $200 dollars and having it in your home gym means that you value your body fitness and health.

Its superior design is the main reason Fringe Wonder Bar remains the best choice of weightlifting equipment for your home gym. The whole barbell is crafted from alloy steel complete with black zinc plated finish to give it its nice appearance and durability

The shaft or bar diameter is 28 mm for men’s bar and 25 mm bar diameter for the women’s bars. Unlike most of the other weightlifting equipment which have bushings in their sleeves, for Fringe Wonder Bar, both features are available.

With a tensile strength of 205,000 PSI and yield strength of 160,000 PSI, this equipment is capable of withstanding its intended maximum load without compromising its structure or your safety. At the same time, these two features allow you to perform your cleans, deadlifts and snatches safely and confidently in the comfort of your home.

When it comes to finishing, Fringe Wonder Bar has it all. Its black zinc plating is way above chrome in terms of durability among other factors. In fact, the zinc plating used on this equipment is thicker than other finishes and it is applied in a plating form rather than the usual coating. This way, the plating helps in filling a substantial amount of the knurling resulting in a smooth and easy feel on your hands when doing your lifts.

Apart from that, the plating means that the whole finishing is more of a solid layer ( just like chrome) so it is not likely to wear off anytime soon. Unlike chrome, the zinc material used on this bar does not get slippery when hands are sweaty hence maintaining a consistent grip throughout. Therefore, Fringe Wonder Bar is a wonderful home gym strength training equipment that you can trust to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pros and Cons


  • A high-quality bar for your money
  • It has a tensile strength of 205,000 and the yield strength of 160,000
  • The bar spins well
  • Zinc plating finish
  • The coating does not slip even when your hands are sweaty
  • Great knurling


  • Sometimes the spin becomes too fast
  • Not very good for powerlifting
  • It’s somewhat overpriced


A long lasting barbell with unmatched qualities for just under $200. It is a good investment for your home gym.

XMark Lumberjack-7’ Olympic Bar

The XMark Lumberjack-7′ is designed for great performance in weight lifting and powerlifting. With its moderate flex, this barbell is quite something if you are powerlifting or a cross trainer, especially when working out at home.

Being a perfect blend of both toughness and flexibility, XMark Lumberjack-7’is a special bar on its own. This means the bar performs pretty well when doing bench press, squats, cleans and snatches. These are the most effective moves that you can easily execute with the help of a quality strength training bar like this one.

For durability, XMark Lumberjack-7’ has it all. Its manganese and phosphate coatings are applied to give the bar its durability while protecting it against rusts. Unlike the black oxide which is used on other equipment, manganese and phosphate used on this bar exhibit the best qualities among them, the anti-rusting quality to keep your equipment in good condition. On top of that, the medium depth knurling combines well with the coating to give the bar an excellent grip.

The alloy bushings on the bar are included to make the device affordable and help the sleeve rotate well. Alternatively, the two snap rings that come with the alloy bushings keep the sleeves in one place during your exercising sessions. Most importantly, the bar’s 700 pounds weight capacity and its weight of about 19.5kgs allow it to perform without bending or warping.

Pros and Cons


  • The bar has a high-quality construction
  • It comes with great value for the money
  • It doesn’t deform or bend easily
  • The knurling provides an excellent grip
  • Minimal whip


  • It lacks free spin on its collar even when the weights are added
  • It requires smell treatment
  • Poor bearing


It is a classic barbell with a respectable tensile strength and quality coating for your home gym.

Final Verdict

You can make your home gym look just like any other ordinary gym by equipping it with essential but affordable workout equipment. If you are a fun of weightlifting, then you can consider acquiring the best barbells under $200 to serve you equally better just like other expensive equipment. Investing your money in a quality barbell is a wise idea and worth your effort in the long run.

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