Lose weight at home with exercise machines

The 8 Best Exercise Machines to Lose Weight at Home

If weight loss is on your mind and you are looking for the right set of equipment to set up a small gym at your home, it is time for you to increase your familiarity and knowledge about some of best exercise machines to lose weight at home. But before you are able to figure out which equipment you should buy, let’s understand how the goal of weight loss can be achieved through workouts.

Losing weight improves your performance capabilities. You can lose weight at the comfort of your home. Some of the best exercise machines to lose weight at home include:

  • Elliptical trainer. An elliptical trainer is a good piece of training equipment which will assist in working out your cardiovascular.
  • Treadmills. It assists in burning out calories by stimulating activities similar to walking and running. For tips on selecting the best machine for the job, please see my guide to the best home gym treadmills under $500.
  • Stationary bicycles. These stationary bicycles imitate outdoor bicycle riding. They assist in burning those extra calories and tone down your weight. I have written an article on the best home gym exercise bikes, which I recommend you to read.
  • Vibration Machine. The vibrating machine is one of the latest in the industry. It helps cut weight through cellulite reduction.
  • Rowing Machine. This home exercising machine will be a perfect choice for your weight loss and cardio program. It burns a lot of calories during the sessions.
  • Step mill. The machine works like a treadmill. However, it’s more like climbing stairs. It’s a tough cardio and weight loss practicing device.
  • Stepper Machine. The machine works your abs appropriately and assists in burning out calories. It helps in building the strength of your upper body and burning the extra calories.
  • Inversion Table. The machine looks like a see-saw where you lie on the table for it to work. It works on all parts of the body and induces cellulite reduction.

Below I will describe some of these machines in more detail. But first, let’s take a look at how you can lose weight at home with the help of exercise machines.

How to Lose Weight at Home with Exercise Machines

In order to lose weight, you need to check your body and see which are the muscles that really needing toning up and leaning out. Studies have proved that working a large group of muscles is the best way to achieve a higher level of calorie burn. Some of these large group muscles are located in the lower part of the body such as in the glutes, hamstrings, quads, inner and outer thighs. However, workouts aimed at losing weight need to target the entire body, with a special focus on the lower part of the body.

To achieve these fitness goals, there are some very common but highly effective equipment that provide a full range of cardiovascular as well as lower body muscles workout. According to fitness experts, the most effective workout equipment for weight loss must include Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer, Rowing Machine, Stair Climber and Stationary Bike. These machines offer a vast range of cardiovascular and lower body workouts. They have advanced features which allow you to preset the workout program based on your fitness goals. You can watch all the vital information about your workout like time spent on a particular machine, calories burnt, or miles covered, on the screen display that is fitted in all these products.

The Treadmill

Though treadmills differ in the features they offer, everyone wants a treadmill that provides power and reliability. If you want a simple piece of gym equipment that can help you in your overall effort to lose weight, treadmills are the best answer. It’s extremely simple to use. You only need to walk or run on the treadmill belt while the belt moves under your feet. The speed of the belt can be adjusted for the right workout.

Treadmills provide a vast range of features that’ll help you plan your workout in line with your fitness goals. Some treadmills come with high-tech features while others have more of the basic features. You can find the best treadmill at different price points however, you should be aware that cheaper models may work as well than high-quality treadmills.

Types of Treadmills

Based on features and workouts they provide, treadmills can be divided into three basic categories – basic, mid-range, and top-end.

Basic: The most basic form of the treadmill is good only for walkers. They are equipped with simple tracking features, for instance, time, speed, and distance. Generally, their beds are short, which suits more to walkers than runners. The shock absorption features are limited, which isn’t good for runners. This type of treadmills can be folded up for easy storage.

Mid-range: These treadmills provide good walking as well as running options. A mid-range treadmill would offer you longer support arms, which allow you to balance yourself on the machine. The belt bed has a longer span than the basic treadmills but would still be short for running with longer strides. Treadmills in this price range come with high-tech features such as heart rate monitor and pre-set training programs.

Top-end: The highest level of treadmills will have good shock absorption features and long belt beds that made them ideal for runners. With so many features, the machine may not have the option to be folded up for storage and they usually need a good deal of free space.

They will provide higher levels of maximum speed and incline as they are made with the highest quality of material and components. In these models, you can expect Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a vast range of pre-set exercise programs.

Key Features of the Treadmill

You can find highly evolved varieties of treadmills with a host of high-tech features. But don’t get carried away by the external features, examine the physical parts of the equipment to see which of the machines best meets your needs.

Exercise Programs: Some treadmills come with advanced features such as pre-programmed workouts that can help you choose the right weight loss training program depending on your age and weight. These programs let you set the length of workout time, but they change the incline and speed of the machine automatically to meet the parameters and fitness goals of the pre-programmed workout.

Horsepower: Any treadmill motor of 2 HP is good enough for a normal workout. Smaller motors are good for easy walkers while larger motors give runners a more efficient workout. If any of the users weigh more than 200 pounds, you should increase the HP by .5 for the machine to work more efficiently. The ideal motor capacity should be 2.5 HP for walkers, 3.0 HP for joggers, and 3.5 HP for runners.

Incline and Decline: Besides moving at different speeds, treadmills also offer an incline to make the workout more intense, prepare you for a run on the hills, and burn more calories. Most treadmills should be able to offer an incline of at least 12% while some treadmills may have features of running downhill on a decline of around 3%.

Touch Screen Controls: Treadmills are equipped with touch screen controls through which you can adjust the speed, incline, and program.

The screen also displays vital measurements such as time elapsed, distance traveled, calories burnt, your heart rate, and more.

Wi-Fi Connection: Treadmills with advanced features have a Wi-Fi connection that can provide you access to simulated workouts or streaming movies.


• Treadmills burns the most calories among all cardiovascular machines. You can burn about 100 calories by walking briskly per mile.

• The treadmill can be adjusted and adapted to different fitness levels by changing the speed and the incline.

• Every time you take a step on the ground, the impact is 3.7 times of your weight. Because a treadmill moves under your feet, the impact is slightly less than.

Elliptical Trainer or Cross-Trainer

Elliptical Trainer is one of the best exercise machines to lose weight at home. This is stationary workout equipment that simulates walking, running, or stair climbing without causing excessive stress to the joints. Elliptical trainers provide a non-impact cardiovascular exercise that can range in intensity from light to high based on the speed and resistance set by the user.

The best part of this equipment is that it is extremely low on impact injuries. This special quality makes this equipment an ideal option for people recovering from injuries as working out on this machine does not result in impact injuries while it offers a decent workout for the whole body. Most elliptical trainers offer workout to your upper as well lower body. The elliptical trainer is gym equipment that works on the principles of bodyweight exercise as these machines can be self-powered with user-generated motion. However, these machines can as well be plugged in a powerpoint to work for you, giving you the right speed and resistance.

Elliptical trainers were first introduced in the market around 1995 by fitness equipment manufacturer Precor. This was the first time that a fitness machine allowed the foot to roll same as in running — from toe to heel. Its patented mechanism creates a smooth elliptical movement. This provides the foot an enhanced level of comfort and does not induce the numbing sensation experienced on other stationary equipment.

This approach of workout is called low impact’ as it keeps the heels rested on the pedals that reduces tendon and muscle stress. The machine allows the users to move smoothly and fluidly, giving them a feeling that they are working not as hard as they actually are. There are essentially three types of elliptical trainers which are classified according to the placement of motor or drive’ in the machine. The oldest version was “rear drive” type, followed by “front-drive” type, and the latest “center-drive” type. In some models, the incline of roller-ramps can be adjusted to produce different pedal-motion paths.

An adjustable ramp can be both automatic and manual and it changes the elliptical path by changing its angle. This can offer a variation in the workout targeting lower body muscles by altering the stride length. Besides the lower body part, elliptical workouts target the entire body, especially the calves, hamstrings, and the glutes. Depending on the workout, elliptical workouts can also target the biceps, triceps, core, and shoulders.

Elliptical trainers have features to preset the programs that automatically adjust the resistance, incline, and stride length during the workout. Elliptical trainers can have both forward and reverse moments.


• An elliptical cross trainer can be compared to a treadmill as far workout for leg muscles and heart is concerned.

• Elliptical Trainer offers a middle-range leg motion which can fall between the leg motion options offers by treadmills and stationary bikes.

• Physiological responses from elliptical exercise are almost similar to treadmill exercises.

• Elliptical Trainer allows you to work out without creating any noise of footfall, unlike treadmills.

• A study shows that changing the stride length can offer exercise to large muscle groups. It can burn more calories without significantly increasing the exertion.

How to Use It

Procedures may vary slightly on different models, however, to work out on this machine, you will have to get into a comfortable standing position, and keep the spine and back in a neutral position. Align your hip, ankle, and knees and ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on the heels and balls of your feet. You need to grip the handrail as you stride forward and backward in a controlled and smooth motion. Elliptical Trainer is an excellent home gym equipment for weight loss and toning.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine is also known as ergometer or simply erg’. It provides an efficient and full-body workout that allows you to build muscular strength and aerobic endurance. However, you need to know the proper technique to use this equipment so that your workout does not lead to an injury. It is recommended that while buying a rowing machine for your home gym, you should spend some time to understand how the equipment and screen setting work. The rowing machine is one of the best exercise machines to lose weight at home.

Most people tend to believe that if the row is speedier, it is more intense. This is a wrong notion. It is the power generated by each stroke that influences the workout’s intensity. When you are focused on rowing as fast as you can, you actually exhaust yourself without completing any meaningful workout.

To reap the maximum advantage from your time spent on the rowing machine, you should follow proper technique.

Rowing Machine Techniques

The Rowing Machine is simple equipment that can offer highly effective weight loss workout with a little practice and knowledge of some basic techniques.


The catch is the initial stage of the stroke. Here, you go forward at full compression, carrying the stroke’s weight. The act mimics actual rowing when the blades enter the water and “catch” the resistance that the weight of water produces.


The “drive” is the basic sequencing of the rowing stroke that is, legs first, followed by back, and finally arms. You should avoid a common mistake where people pull their arms first before driving the legs down. It is important to maintain a strict body angle when you are stretching the legs down, and then pick up the pace through the body, and then the arms.


The “finish” is the completion of the stroke. After finishing the stroke sequence, you should sit with your legs flat, shoulders slighting behind the hips, and the handle drawn horizontally close to the lower ribs.


After you have finished the stroke, you get back to the initial position before making a fresh stoke. It gives you time to recover from the stroke you have just made. The recovery involves doing the drive in the reverse order. The arms are straight and fully extended. The torso moves forward with back in front of the hip. The weight transfers to the front from the back of the seat.

As the hands go parallel over the knees, the legs bend from the knees and are gets ready to exert pressure on the foot stretcher. Slowly, the back and the thighs become more parallel and the recovery is ready to become the catch.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are basically four types of Rowing Machines: Hydraulic, flywheel, magnetic, and water rowers.

Hydraulic Rowing Machine

The hydraulic rowing machine is best if there is a tight budget and space is a concern. This type of rowing machine receives its tension from the liquid or gas compressed with a piston or cylinder.

Flywheel Rowing Machines

Flywheel rowing machine receives its resistance through the pulling motion that spins a flywheel to which fan blades are attached. The wind provides the resistance.

Magnetic Resistance Rowers

A Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is virtually silent and provides a smooth rowing stroke. Magnetic Rowing Machines use a magnetic brake system to provide resistance.

Water Rower

The Water Rower has a unique Water Flywheel which is designed to emulate the boat sailing through the water. The Water Rowers’ flywheel gets its resistance by overcoming the effects of drag that water creates by moving past the tank.


• Working out with rowing machines places considerable demands on your muscles that make it one of the best exercise machines to lose weight at home.

• Rowing Machine provides a workout for both the upper body and the lower body unlike other cardio equipment such as stair climbers, treadmills, and stationary bikes.

• The rowing stroke consists of leg work and upper body work in the range of 65 -75% and 25-35% respectively.

• Rowing Machine offers a full-body aerobic exercise with one machine. It provides a low-impact workout in contrast to other aerobic activities.

• In case of jogging or using a treadmill, the body receives orthopedic trauma with every step, but that does not happen with Rowing Machine.

Stair Climber

The Stair Climber is gym equipment for weight loss and toning, which you can make part of your home gym as well. It falls somewhere between Elliptical and Treadmill. The Stair Climber Machine gives a simulation of walking up the stairs to burn the calories. It is one of the best exercise machines to lose weight at home.

A Stair Climber consists of a revolving staircase, as in a downward moving escalator, with non-skid steps. The staircase revolves and its speed can be adjusted. Most machines can run at a speed of 30-160 steps per minute. It is fitted with a screen display that shows time elapsed, calories burnt, and the total number of steps.

Stair Climber is a smart option to torch extra calories because it works on hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core. They are the largest and metabolically most active muscles. When larger muscles are involved in the workout, it burns more calories. The Stair Climber workout strengthens and quickens your metabolism, along with the muscles. This machine offers both heart-rate boosting cardio and lower body workout, which means you will more calories here than on other machines.

If your goal is to lose weight, try a High-intensity interval training (HIIT) with Stair Climber. Interval training boosts intensity, which improves the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the working muscles. This increases the after-burn effect.


• Working out on Stair Climber offers both muscular and cardiovascular conditioning.

• The Stair Climber Machine increases one’s heart rate and ventilation thereby speeding up the oxygen uptake of the working muscles.

• A regular workout on Stair Machine cuts down the time the oxygen-rich blood takes to reach the muscles. It improves your cardiovascular endurance.

• Stair Climber offers resistance for the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. This helps to lean out and sculpt the lower part of your body.

• Stair Climber combines both cardio and resistance training that offers an efficient and complete workout.

• Depending on your weight, you can burn around 350 calories in half an hour.

• The Stair Climber is an easy, natural and low impact exercise which is easy on the ankles, knees, and back. It offers an intense and safe workout for levels of fitness aspirants.

Stationary Bikes

Experts believe that Stationary Bikes provide an efficient weight loss workout with minimum impact on the joints. People suffering from knee pain are recommended to work out on these bikes as there is little impact of body weight on the knees or legs.

But to prevent knee strain, the bike must be adjusted to your body. It is extremely common that people start working out on a stationary bike without adjusting it their body.

There should be a very slight bend of 5-10 degrees in your knees when you are on the seat. The balls of your foot should rest gently on the pedal.

Most people sit too low and that means their knees flex far too much when they pedal. This can put pressure on the knees and cause soreness.

In addition, the leg will not achieve a full range of motion. This means you are going to use fewer calories. This is less intense in burning calories than other machines used for weight loss workouts. You will have to pedal four miles in order to burn 100 calories.

Key Features of Stationary Bikes

Some models consist of handlebars that are linked to the pedals. This gives a workout for the upper body as well as the lower body.

Most Stationary Bikes have a mechanism to apply resistance to the pedals, which boosts the intensity of the workout.

Resistance mechanisms include fans, magnets, and friction mechanisms.

Some models have the option to pedal backward. This gives a perfect workout for antagonist muscles that do not get worked in forward pedaling.


• Improves general fitness, weight loss

• Training for cycling events

• Low-impact, effective, and safe

• Easy on joints

• No sporadic motions


These five workout equipment are powerful and effective tools to not only lose some extra pounds that your body may have gained over the past month but also sculpt and tone up muscles in your entire body, especially in areas where there is excess fat. However, to derive maximum advantage from these powerful machines, and also to prevent injuries, you must learn how to use them in the right way. With some professional help and training, you should be able to use these machines without any problem and to your maximum advantage.

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