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Are Home Gym Machines Worth it?

The idea of waking up, dashing out of bed, and hitting the gymnasium right next door has never been so alluring. Life has become so demanding that many hardly find the time (and motivation) to visit a gym. As a result, having an exercise area at home fitted with all kinds of equipment seems like such a viable option.

So, are home gym machines worth investing in? The answer to this question is really going to depend on wether you can afford the investment or not. If you do, my honest opinion is that home gym equipment, including different types of gym machines are absolutely worth it.

To make things easier for you, I’ve listed pros and cons of the two alternatives below. You can easily realize the worthiness of such an investment by looking at the pros and cons. No matter how you look at it, both working out at home and working out in the gym have advantages and disadvantages. It mostly boils down to preference.

Spoiler alert: I would personally never join a gym again after owning a home gym. Even so, here’s the most important thing to know:

Advantages of Investing in Home Gym Machines

Many people believe that the convenience that comes with owning a home gym can wipe out lingering excuses and the laziness of working out. While the part about wiping out aziness/ excuses’ is debatable, a home gym is truly convenient. You will no longer have to plan for trips down to the gym just for a short workout. Other advantages are:

  • Your Own Personal Sanctuary – With your own home gym Amachines, there is no socialization, no lines, or anything to hide. You can dress in whichever way you like and select your own songs to the workout playlist. It is your exclusive domain.
  • No Membership Fees – Yes, no more paying hefty amounts every other month to access the gym. The only costs of owning home gym machines are repairs (once in a long while) and electricity bills.
  • The Gym is Always Open – One of the best parts about having your own work-out machines is that you can exercise whenever you feel like. You are never too late or too early.
  • Less Confusion – Most membership gyms invest in so many machines, and it can all be confusing for the average trainer. There’s always less equipment in a home gym, making it quite difficult to lose track during your workout regimen.

Disadvantages of Owning Home Gym Machines

As much as investing in home equipment looks like a great deal, things can be very different. It is vital to be aware of all the downside of a home gym. Here are some pointers to note:

  • Expenses – Gym equipment don’t come cheap and can heavily dent your pocket if you don’t plan well. You can however finance your home gym in several different ways.
  • Lack of a Spotter – Working out without a spotter can be quite dangerous. Just imagine a heavy bar falling and trapping you while you’re all alone in the gym. Nevertheless, you can easily solve this problem by investing in power bars.
  • Motivation – Lonely work-outs can be extremely demotivating, which is why many people still prefer working out in a gym. It is not easy to find a dedicated training partner at home when compared to membership gyms.
  • The Need for Space – Most gym machines occupy a large floor area. Therefore, you need adequate space before investing in home gym equipment. Without adequate space, you will simply congest your house, making it look/ feel even smaller.

It would be difficult to fully grasp what you’re getting yourself into without considering the pros and cons of a gym membership. It is because a gym membership is the alternative way to exercise if you choose not to invest in equipment. The following pointers should help you answer the question- are gym home gym machines worth it?

Advantages of paying for a gym

  • Atmosphere – A membership gym usually has the ifting atmosphere,’ which motivates you to work out. When you see others pushing as hard as they can, motivation kicks. Additionally, the compliments you get for a proper session can keep your fire burning like never before.
  • Free Equipment – Membership gyms go all out to invest in all kinds of equipment and therefore you get a variety of machines to use, including all the exercise bikes you could ever need. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the purchase and maintenance cost of these machines.
  • Support – A gym always has a trainer who is ready to be your spotter at any time. His/ her duty is to ensure that you’re comfortable and safe at all times.
  • Extras – Some gyms offer towels, protein shakes, tanning, daycare, steam rooms, and even massages. For some bodybuilders, these extras make working out so much more convenient.

Disadvantages of membership gyms

  • Lack of Privacy – Gyms always have one or two people working out even during off-peak. Therefore, you just can’t do whatever you like. Acts like grunting, screaming, crying, etc. that would otherwise be easy to perform at home can be embarrassing in the gym.
  • Distraction – Not everyone in the gym is as enthusiastic as you are. Some of them are just there to have a chat and pass time. It can be extremely difficult to concentrate on working out when others are enjoying a good talk, complete with funny dramatizations and hearty laughs.
  • Locations – There are neighbourhoods with no work-out facilities, which forces you to travel a long distance to the gym. It is really inconveniencing to travel for even just thirty minutes for a single workout session.
  • Hygiene – As much as many gymnasiums try to keep things spick-and-span, the influx of different kinds of people makes it very difficult to maintain high levels of hygiene. You’re always in close contact with other people’s body odour and fluids like sweat, even though it is not necessarily a bad thing. A fact is that you can easily contact flu, especially during an epidemic.

Final Thoughts on Home Gym Machines Being Worth it or Not

By considering the information above, you’ll realize that there is no outright answer to the question- is it worth it investing in a home gym? It all depends on your preferences and financial capacity. If you fancy a workout area that has privacy, ease of access, no distractions, and no membership fee, then investing in home gym machines is worth-while. Ensure that you consider your lifestyle and all the pros/ cons above before investing in home gym machines.

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