About me

Sebastian Liljegren
Sebastian Liljegren, the proud site owner of HomeGymAdvice.com

My name is Sebastian Liljegren. I’m a 35 year old home gym enthusiast from Sweden that take pride in my personal workout cave. Going to a crowded commercial gym has never – and will never be – my thing. Just imagine having to wait for the fitness equipment to get available and having to deal with the best and worst of other people.

There’s a reason (or several of them, to be honest) why most home gym owners will never join a gym again after having workout out in the comfort of their homes. And that’s exactly the message that I try to preach on this website. My aim is to inspire others to walk the same path as myself and invest in a home or garage gym.

I make a living as a freelance content writer and use strength training as a way to combat the effects of having a sedentary job at a desk in my home office. As a matter of fact, I have fitted my home gym and office in the same room. And the space in question is no larger than 64.58 square foot. So, if I can have a gym and office combo in a space this small, so can you and everyone else!